Alexander Hamilton

By: BriAnn J

Bio Background

Alexander Hamilton one our dear founding fathers born on January 11, 1755 and died on July 12, 1804 (age 49). He was born to a single woman named Rachel Fawcett Lavine in West part of Britain. Hamilton married his wife on December 14, 1780 and later together had eight children.

Alexander's role in the US Government

After the American Revolutionary War, America was broke. Alexander became Secretary of the Treasury, after being chief staff aide to General George Washington. Hamilton has seen first hand, how hard it is to fund the continental Army. During his time in the army he spent his spare time studying European government and economics. Hamilton thought the British government was the best in the world, and wrote part of it into the constitution. At this point in history the government was on a verge of chaos, and the military was dangerously weak, but Hamilton and the other delegates( a person sent or authorized to represent others), made the constitution and were waiting on the states to ratify it.

Alexanders Plan

One of the most major problems and concerns at this moments in history is "how was America going to pay for the American Revolution" the states were in a horrible debt and no other country wanted to help, as a matter of fact Americans didn't even want to help America. Alexander's very first job was to make sure that the government payed back all the money borrowed. The government tried to once before but the job wasn't taken seriously and the money that was paid back was vied as worthless. Alexander took a bold move and stated that the government pay back ALL values at FULL price all at once. He would raise the money by making knew security bonds and the people who would by them could make big profit by the time united states paid off its debt. His vision also included the bank of America, which was modeled like the bank of England, to help keep the flow and track of the money,