Digital Safety & Security

An Ounce of Precaution, Saves Tons of Hassle

Use Precaution

Reading the fine print, creating strong password & guarding your online privacy are first and most important steps of staying safe in digital world. Once online, stay safe & do not hesitate report any safety issues to parent, teacher or authority. Visit
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You are online, Now What?

Rules from real life apply in digital world.

  • Always use common sense
  • THINK before you post anything on social media
  • Beware of anonymity web provides to strangers & do not share too much
  • Parents & teachers have your best interest at heart; talk to them if you are bullied, stacked or uncomfortable during any online interaction with someone
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Teaching Students Digital Vigilance

We can teach students digital vigilance by being a good role model

  • Show them the pitfalls & advantages of the web
  • Guide them to be aware of stranger danger
  • Teach them to read fine prints, keep their data safe & where to turn in need
  • Monitor the web usage of students; partner with parents


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