Tokyo Tower

The shining symbol of Tokyo,Japan

Tokyo Tower

How much do you know about Tokyo Tower? How much do you think you know about Tokyo tower? You probably don't know a lot about Tokyo tower because you've probably never learned about it. In this passage you will learn some things you probably didn't know about Tokyo tower. This passage is going to tell you who built it, when and where it was built and why it was built. Tokyo tower is a fascinating monument that should be seen in person by everyone, it is very beautiful.

The Construction

The construction of Tokyo Tower took place in Tokyo,Japan. Tokyo tower is located in Tokyo,Japan. The architect was Tachu Naito. The monument was created December, 23, 1958. Tokyo Tower was originally constructed to provide centralized radio and tv transmissions.

It was inspired by the Eiffel Tower

Tokyo tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. People thought of Tokyo tower as an inspiration. It is worthy of our admiration because of the structure and the beauty of it. You can honor Gustave Eiffel by visiting his monument and by respecting his monument. Tokyo tower looks like the Eiffel Tower.
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