7th Grade ACTS Newsletter

September 19 -23, 2016

Science - Mrs. Sexton

We will continue our study of Ecology. We have started to look at invasive species and how they impact an ecosystem. We may be ready for an assessment by the end of the week. Chapters 11, 12, & 13 will be a great resource in preparing for the next assessment. Students also have notes and will be given skeletal notes to use as well. Please remember that all science tests are cumulative.

Voice - Mrs. Fennell

7th Grade Voice Rotation

Seventh grade voice students are singing so well! This week, we will begin learning to count tied rhythms. We will also learn to count sets of four sixteenth notes. On Thursday, we will have a lesson on performance etiquette as we prepare for our field study to Greenwood Community Theatre. There will be no written assessment this week. Our next test will be the first week in October.

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th dance focus: We began weight sharing/counter balance unit with choreography project. Please encourage your child to look at google classroom daily. September 20th is picture day and September 23rd is Annie Jr.

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students are finishing up chapter 2. We had a quiz on Friday and our chapter test is on Tuesday (September 20th). There are several practice sheets with worked out answer keys posted to classroom to help your child prepare as well as a chapter 2 practice test. There are also multiple videos posted to classroom to reinforce and emphasize important points discussed in the text and class.

We will begin chapter 3 on Wednesday, continuing with proportional reasoning ideas with percents.

ELA - Templeton

Writing: The students are working on a realistic fiction piece.

Stems: Quiz on Tuesday.

Reading: We will finish "The Lottery", and we will have a test on Tuesday. They will have a quiz Friday on the different story elements.

Grammar: We are beginning a new grammar program online called No Red Ink. It will individualize for each student.

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will be working with the different changes in populations and how they affect the ecosystems. There will be a quiz on Wednesday the 21st covering changes in populations through energy flow. The students will have homework throughout week.

ELA & Social Studies - Mrs. Owensby

7th Grade ELA

Students will have a list of Greek and Latin stems to study for their next quiz. We will continue our study of punctuation rules. Students will write realistic fiction stories based on writing techniques they are learning as they study realistic fiction text.

7th Grade SS

Students will complete a study of The Age of Enlightenment. They will a create a study guide of important details to help them prepare for the test.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th grade drama students are continuing to read the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" in class. We are taking time to discuss various plot points, characters, and questions related to the time period and Holocaust. Students can expect a quiz at the start of the week on the readings. Students have received a paper requesting permission to watch the 2009 PBS miniseries "The Diary of Anne Frank" in class. Permission forms are due Wednesday, September 21 in order to begin viewing the film Thursday, September 22.

Social Studies - Mr. Creswell

We will continue our study of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.