Welcome to Third Grade!

Mrs. Loewen

Friday - March 18, 2016


Welcome to our classroom Smore page! Here you will see what we did in class this week, we we have planned for next week, and some other important tidbits!


  • Report cards went home today!
  • Student pictures went home today! Please look through the photos and follow the directions for purchasing.
  • Please remember to send your child to school with a jacket. The sun is starting to come out, but it is still cold!

This Week in Class

MATH: This week all groups began their work on geometry. We talked about 2D and 3D shapes. We also worked on word problems as a class and discussed how to solve combination problems.

READING: This week we created a storyboard representation of Sign of the Beaver. Students wrote and drew pictures about the characters, setting, theme, text connections, and the evolving friendship between the main characters.

WRITING: We continued our Opinion and Persuasive writing unit. Students spent time brainstorming ideas for their own persuasive piece.

SCIENCE: We began our Structures of Life unit this week. In this unit we will:

  • Observe the properties of seeds and fruit.
  • Observe plant structures as they appear during the plant life cycle.
  • Observe crayfish structures and describe their functions.
  • Analyze and interpret observations of crayfish behavior.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We continued our unit on community. Students finished their flags that represent our Loewen Classroom community! The students then wrote paragraphs describing their reasons for the symbols and colors they chose. Some students even wrote a pledge!

OTHER: No School on Monday, St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, and Jacob's Birthday on Thursday!

Next Week in Class

MATH: Students will continue to work on geometry. Topics include: congruent shapes, symmetry, number lines, and ordered pairs on a grid.

WRITING: We will continue our Opinion unit by using the ideas we have brainstormed to write a first draft of our persuasive speeches.

READING: Students will read a short story and practice drawing conclusions and sequencing.

SCIENCE: We will observe the effect water has on seeds.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue our unit on community and citizenship.

Upcoming Events

3/21-3/25: Star Student is Olivia

3/30: Noah’s Birthday!

4/1: Book Project Due

4/1: April Fool’s Day!

4/4-4/8: Spring Break!

4/11-4/15: Star Student is Samantha!

4/25-4/29: Star Student is Ben!

5/9: NO SCHOOL—In Service Day

5/11: Ben's Birthday!

5/30: NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day - SCHOOL CLOSED