Tsunami Alert!!!!

Are you prepared???

All about the killer wave

Tsunamis are HUGE waves that line up in a row. They move very fast. You thought a cheetah was quick??? Well, THINK AGAIN! Take that little cats! Their tips curl over and then collapse doing loads of damage. Tsunamis are caused when the level of the sea floor is moved up or down caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in the sea. The force of the ground movements cause waves to form on the surface of the sea as the sea floor rises or falls. Tsunamis can cause different amounts of damage. Some cause tons of damage but others you can barely see. The ones that cause tons of damage can destroy mostly anything! It takes a couple days for the waves to get back to their normal size. When a tsunami hits it sweeps fish to land and there are terrible oders from them.

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Most tsunamis happen in the Pacific Ocean. They also hit in Japan, Chile and others by the Pacific Ocean. Tsunamis can crush trucks and even ships. They kill thousands of people and the people often drown. Most people’s houses get crushed by the big waves and they have nowhere to live. Tsunamis cause so much damage that it causes millions of dollars to fix everything. Most tsunamis flood hundreds of football fields. If you get hit by a wave of a tsunami it would feel like a one hundred foot tall concrete wall squishing you to DEATH.

You think you're safe??? THINK AGAIN!!!

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Tsunami hits close to your home town!

Here are things you need when a tsunami hits in your neighbourhood.

1. Always have a first aid kit with you in case you get hurt along the way.

2. Have food and water for at least 3 days.

3. Have warm clothing and blankets.

4. Also have a radio with extra batteries so you can listen and know when it is safe and when the tsunami is over.

5. Also have a flashlight in case it is night and you can’t see anything.

6. Always have money with you.

7. Have a telephone with you.

8. When a tsunami hits go to higher ground.

9. Get as far away as possible from the coast because that’s where tsunamis happen.

If you have all of the above you are ready for a tsunami to hit. Now, here are things you do AFTER a tsunami.

1. Look for fire hazards.

2. Never return where a tsunami hit. If you are be very careful.

3. Help injured or trapped people.

4. When re-entering homes use EXTREME caution.

5. Stay away from buildings and trees after a tsunami in case one falls on you.

If you follow all my tips you will survive a tsunami. If you didn’t follow my tips than you will DIE.

Awesome Facts

Here are some awesome facts you will DIE FOR! (P.S. these facts are very interesting.) Tsunamis are as fast as a JET PLANE! Another very interesting fact is in Japan, tsunamis are called `Harbour Waves`. Did you know that the tsunami waves can reach the 10th window on a skyscraper? Pretty cool….. And DEADLY! So that’s why if you do all of the safety tips you will live. Otherwise…….. You will DIE. This next one is a well-known fact, tsunamis don’t happen very often. Another cool thing is that in the future people will have alarms so you don’t DIE. People also put up evacuation route signs so when a tsunami hits then people know where to go. The biggest tsunami was in 1958 and that one was DEADLY DANGEROUS!