deciduous forest

by yair lopez

temperate deciduous climate

Do you know how many seasons does the temperate deciduous forest have? We have 4 seasons and the great part is we in New Jersey live in the deciduous forest.

One of the interesting parts of the temperate deciduous forest there is good seasons. Everybody in my family likes summer. Summer is a great season because you could do a lot of fun stuff. In the winter is not that great because we get a lot of coldness when you walk. In fall is nice because all the leaves begin to fall and change color. In the temperate deciduous forest it rains up to 30 to 60 inches. The temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

temperate deciduous forest location

Do you know where the temperate deciduous forest located is? I will tell you were located. It is located in the eastern half of the United States. There is almost part of the world. There located in Canada, Europe, part of Russia, china and japan. It so cool were all the parts are.

temperate deciduous forest animals

I picked the bank vole because there brown skin, hair in his nose. He is 4 feet animals his eyes are black and they have to climb on bushes to catch their prey such as buds leaves and fruit. White they are active from day to knight. They make a lot of tunnel and they live in cave to adapt. The white tail deer skin is brown and his tail is white. It adapts by hibernating in the winter. The lizard skin is green and camafluge.the lizard adapts by camouflage in a lot of stuff.