A Guide to Bunburying

The traditional way to Bunbury !

What is Bunburying ?

Bunburying, to have two separate lives and have a made up excuse to get out of doing something boring, is from the play "The Importance of being earnest" When characters (Jack and Algernon ) are discussing. Jack brings up his other name "Ernest" but is Jacks real name only in the country. Algy notices how absurd the idea that Jack is using his "Ernest" name to escape his country life.He also does the same by making a fictional friend called Bunbury and then he turned it into a verb also known as Bunburying !

Why should I "Bunbury"?

If you ever feel so bored that you wanted to knock your brains out ? Have you considered to just get a new,fantastic,and awesome life ? Or just live up to your simple, dull, and boring one ? Why not try to Bunburying ? Bunburying is a task that lets you become what ever you want ! You can be a lawyer,doctor, teacher or what ever you want to be ! The moment you try to Bunbury you would decide not to go back to that other dull life. Bunburying is a wonderful experience for ones who don't do it and is a chance that you should not give up.

How to be a professional Bunburyist

Like every professional, they started out like a rookie. Becoming a professional Bunburyist takes lots of mental skill and lots of time to adapt. Remember time is very valuable and will be your best prize possession that should never go to waste.

1.So rookie, if you want to begin you'll first have to have different personalities. Having different personalities gives off your character and shows what the other you would feel like. If you feel something else other than you , try it out and see if it would improve or fail to your new or current life

2.Next is to meet other people so that your other identity will have friends that will occupy you.Be sure to keep your friends separate to any other people that might intrude your bunburying like close friends or family.When you meet your first friends try to start out small to get the idea of being with other people, but don't be as popular like your real self other wise the other half of of you will deal with too much work and time .

3. Also include to multitask during bunburying to keep up with both lives so that their is an equal amount of time of your two lives. Make sure that you don't mix up both of your lives !

Adapting to the new you !

By now your bunburying on a daily basis right? Good ! You are now adapting to become the best bunburyist anyone can be ! Hopefully you made a couple new friends during bunburying and you should have a "non-boring" life. By now you will encounter problems during bunburying and will have to know how to fix them like a friend getting suspicious or you getting in trouble with the law. Don't worry we know how to fix all your problems !

Problems? We can help !

We know, your human and you make mistakes. Lets see what problems that would encounter your bunburying-

•A friend will notice

•Cops or Law gets involved
•Messing up a life

•Identity will be noticed
•Someone goes through your stuff.

The solution !

•If a friend notices just act natural
•When you are breaking the law make sure to think twice. It will expose you and you would let every one you know upset. Just don't do anything stupid
•Try not to destroy a life and make sure that you are polite to your friends
•Keep you friends close and your ID closer !
•Make sure that your stuff is at home or a secured place so that people won't bug through all your stuff

The last day

Its the beginning to a end, you got stressed up or you cant handle bunburying anymore .This day will come to you once in a while. When all is lost , lose it all ,make all your belongings from bunburying disappear and never go back. Forget everyone you knew and move on to your current boring , dull, and simple life. You'll learn now that it was one of the best experiences you'd had and that their is just one life that you'll ever need.