By: Brittany Loftus

Steps to becoming a citizen

1. Obtain a green card

2. Filing USCIS form N-400

-pay a fine up to $500+

-file different paperwork for US citizenship and Immigration services

3. Background check

-given a date and then fingerprinted

4. Citizenship Interview

-given another date and also an address for an interview with an UCSIC officer

-test your knowledge of English and US civic

5. Oath Ceremony

-ceremony where you and others are to recite an oath stating your loyality to the US

Pros of Immigration

-The US core is based on immigration

-Most states, like Califorina and Texas, rely on cheap labour that immigrant workers provide from all over the world

-Immigrants suffer war, poverty, or religious persecution in their own country and only want a better life for themselves and their families

-most economists consider the benefits of immigration to outweigh the costs

Cons of Immigration

-Immigrants have brought with them a host of problems - cultural differences and language barriers etc that are not easily resolved and sometimes lead to hostilities.

-There are not enough jobs for Americans and more immigration means that there is more competition for what jobs there are available.

-Some immigrants do not have the skills needed to find jobs and rely on welfare at the expense of American taxpayers.

-Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers millions on border patrol - this money could be better spent elsewhere.