Jasper House

By Matthew McNaught


Jasper House located on the north side of the Athabasca river about 35 km east of Jasper.
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Jasper House was originally called Rocky Mountain House. To avoid confusion the post was renamed Jasper House so that people would`nt get it confused with the other Rocky Mountain House on the North Saskatchewan river. Interesting fact there in fact two Jasper House Trading Posts one on the Athabasca river in 1813 and the second Jasper House Trading Post was in 1830 when they abandoned the Jasper House 1 and move up stream to the North edge of Jasper Lake, and established a new Jasper House.

Interactions at Jasper House

Jasper House was important fur trade post for people using the Athabasca river, and the Yellowhead pass. It was an important meeting place for explorers, adventurers, missionary, homesteader, and Aboriginal.

The first Jasper House was owned by a man named Jasper Hawes. The second was owned by the HBC they did`nt trade many furs but people from the Athabasca river and the Yellowhead pass stopped their to trade furs.

A Modern Perspective

There are very little remains today. In was marked as a historic site in 1924 with a stone and plaque.
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