What's Your Personality Type?

By: Modaveny Rosier

Description of People with My Personality Type

  1. We are quiet and don't like drama.
  2. We are also hard to get too know well.
  3. We are doers and need to have personal space.
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Common Traits of ISFPs

  • Kind
  • Unusually gifted at creating and composing things
  • Don't express feelings verbally
  • No desire to lead or control others

Does ISFP Describe Me?

The personality type ISFP describes me thoroughly. I am a quiet person if I don't feel comfortable talking to you, but if I do I will talk a lot and probably annoy you. I am kind, humble and have no yearning to control others. I learn well by presentation, I need to see the problem worked out before I can do it. I'm not a person who likes hugs, I need my personal space. ISFPs are all of these things and so am I. So the personality type ISFP describes me perfectly.