Sundancer Times

July 28


Hello, Sundancer Families!

Here are the latest updates we have for you.

  • Everyone will start online for the first three weeks of school starting August 17. This could be extended based on safety needs.
  • Once we are cleared to begin face to face instruction, you will be given a choice to stay remote or return to the campus. In order to place students on rosters that will minimize teacher changes as platforms change, it's important that you complete the survey indicating your preference for online or face to face instruction. You can submit your preference by calling 434-0280. Please complete this by July 31 so we may have adequate time to adjust rosters and create schedules.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER! This is different from the online enrollment you did in May. The district sent links through email (to the email of the parent who completed online enrollment) with instructions on how to complete the process. Stuck? Please call 434-5800 or 434-5804--we're here to help you!
  • We are also calling all our families to offer support with registration and the survey. We are gathering info on your internet and device needs. If you do not have internet access, administration will contact you to complete an application to see if you qualify for a hot spot.
  • We are working on a distribution schedule for materials and devices (for those who are scheduled to receive a device). Be on the lookout for that. Note: Devices (for those scheduled to receive them) will only be given to students who are fully registered.
  • Supply lists and uniform expectations have been updated. See below.

How About Supplies?

You can find supply list here: Supply Lists

Please note that these lists were made assuming we will return to face to face in the near future. You should be fine to start the year with the basics while we are online (but keep in mind the stores are offering good sales now!).


We feel it's important to maintain high standards for our Sundancers especially while they learn online (which includes wearing a uniform shirt). Therefore, we will require kids to wear a solid polo (black, turquoise, yellow, white, or gray) while online Monday-Thursday. The logo is not required. Students may wear a spirit shirt (any Tierra del Sol t-shirt) on Friday. We are reinforcing the message that this is "real school" with real expectations. Note that we are likely to return to the building soon! A uniform will be required at that time (and we will have some in stock for purchase then).


The district will continue to offer drive through meals at Tierra del Sol at no charge to students who attend TDS (if you have children in more than one school, you will need to go to each school to pick up). Child Nutrition Services is working on an ID card for you to present for verification of enrollment.

Why Is Lunch Free For All?

Tierra del Sol will continue to be a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) school for 20-21. That means that all students will continue to receive free lunch. You will not be required to fill out a lunch application, but the state still collects information on household income for a couple of reasons:

  • The state allots money for programs to schools based on the information on the Socioeconomic Info Form (SIF)
  • The state can continue to offer free lunch to schools who return accurate information on this form
  • The state uses this information to group similar schools together so they can compare academic growth more fairly

Therefore, this form is SUPER important! It's also unbelievably easy to fill out! You can find the form below. We're still working on how to collect that from you securely (by collecting a paper version or uploading through a secure link). Be on the lookout for that!

We're All In This Together

Now more than ever, we need each other for support! This is a tough situation no matter whose angle you're seeing. Our theme this year is We're All in this Together (#WAITT). No one has the manual or all the answers. Our guiding principle will always be to do right by kids first. As long as we do that, the rest will fall into place. Let's all have positive presuppositions that every decision we make starts with kids' best interest. We're all in this together, and together we can make anything happen!