Is it Raining Men!?

I sure hope so because I am looking one!

Hellooooo, boys!

My name is Bertha! I have purple fur, two red stripes, and some super awesome ram-type horns. I do only have ONE eye, but don't you worry! My vision is 20/20; the better to see you with, my deary!!!!

I don't have any ears, so you don't really have to worry about me nagging you because I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! It's probably a win-win situation! I do have webbed feet, so swimming is a favorite past time of mine.

FYI: In my genotype, I am recessive for most of my traits. However, I do have one dominant trait: a mohawk. By my standards, a mohawk is pretty cool!
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My Perfect Hunk-O-Man!

I'm not really picky about phenotypes, but I really am looking for someone with purple fur, so you MUST be recessive for that, obviously. Green fur was so last season!

It would be great if you have polka-dots because strips and dots are all the rage! Three eyes are probably better for you, rather than one so you take in all of my radiant beauty. Whether you are heterozygous or homozygous for them doesn't matter to me.

Also, it would be cool if you have webbed feet, because as I said, I LOVE to swim. The great news is that I have an Olympic-sized pool at my house, so we can swim any time!

My Faves!

Like I said, I loooooove <3 to swim! I also like to chase bumble bees, but I never get stung! I also collect rocks that look like WeIRd things. Last year, I was able to sell a rock on eBay that looked Elvis Presley playing a guitar.

You might think my hobbies are a bit strange, but it's great to be different than most everyone else.

I'M LOOKING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! :)