Freshmen Year English

Tips To Survive English 9

Introducing English 9

Hi! I am Daniel Sparano. I am currently a freshman. I am here to help you through English. English Nine is a lot of work. There are many books you have to read. You also have to do book talks on them. Which is where Mrs. Allen asks you questions about your book, Also, there will be ALOT of projects to do. Some of them will be very long. And homework will be thrown at you. But most importantly, there are binder checks and a huge final at the end of the year.

English 9 Overview

We read many interesting stories. The Hunger Games was a very Interesting book. While we read, we had many packets to do and weekly quizzes on each chapter. You must keep up on your reading. You get to use a Kindle for the reading. You also get assigned to be in one of the districts and you will compete for points.

We also read the Odyssey. It was one of my favorite parts of English It is about a man Odysseus who wins a war and is go for 20 years trying to return to home. He faces many challenges on the way. Like sea monsters, a Cyclops, and many other creatures.

Monster was a very good book. It is about a boy named Steve Harmon. He was accused of being a look-out for a robbery and a murder. Steve gets the terrible feeling of being in jail and he writes a journal and a movie script about it. We have a very big study guide to do while we read.

Romeo and Juilet was probably my least favorite. It was very long. But it is about two teenagers who quickly fall in love. But they can not be in love because they're families are feuding. It turns into a catastrophe.

My least favorite part of English was there was way too many projects. And too much work in general. So stay organized and do you work. It takes a lot of work.

My Favorite Books

Book Talks/Indepedant reading

These are very important. They are 70-90 points each. Mrs. Allen will sit down with you and ask you questions about your book. She also gives you 10 points just for bringing in your book in class and reading. Which is independent reading. But overall my a divorce to you people is to stay organized, do your work, and study very hard.

Quote For The Year