NEWSLETTER | TERM 2 | WEEK 10 | 30 JUNE 2022

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Dear Parents and Staff

Yesterday we celebrated the end of another very successful Term with a beautiful Mass hosted by the Year Five classes. I was very impressed with both the reverence and respect shown by the students as they approached the altar to do their readings and the clear voices that they used as they read.

Whilst this Term has had its challenges, I am very proud of our staff who have stepped up when needed so that our school has been able to operate fully with minimal disruptions to the children’s learning. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in a number of schools as the Covid 19 virus has taken hold. We have had a number of cases but, fortunately, only a few staff have been infected at the same time. At the Year 3P Assembly this morning, the Year Six Student Leaders outlined many of the events that lie ahead in Third Term, and it is my hope that we maintain our relatively good fortune with staff health so as to be able to complete all that we have planned.


Parents should have either met with their children’s Teacher/s during this week or have an appointment booked for tomorrow morning. These meetings are critical as they provide parents with a much more detailed understanding of their child’s written Report and with areas that they, along with the Teacher’s guidance, can assist their children with as the year progresses.


The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges is held during third Term each year. It will commence with a Liturgy of the Word at St Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday, 21 July. Two of our Student Leaders will attend this celebration with Bro Stephen and me. Our school will this year be participating in the Festival in the following sections:

Year 3M and Year 3P (17 August) – Primary Sacred Choral, St Benedict’s Church, Ardross.

School Choir (24 August) – Primary Choral, Vasto Club, Balcatta.

Junior and Senior Dance Groups (26 August) – Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

There are no door sales for any sections of the Festival and Try Booking ticket sales are open from 4 July for the choirs and from 18 July for Dance. To purchase tickets please visit the Catholic Arts website:

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Was your child born between 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019?

If your child was born between these dates, they are eligible for our 4 Year Old Kindergarten program in 2023. Registrations for 2023 are now open. Contact our office on 6272 7100 for further details.


If your child was born between 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, they are eligible for our 3 Year Old Kindergarten program in 2023. Registrations for 2023 are now open. Contact our office on 6272 7100 for further details.



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Thank you to all staff and parents/caregivers for your work and support for the students and School during this Semester.

I wish everyone a safe, restful and happy school holiday.

Bible Studies

Each Tuesday evening commencing at 6.00 pm in the Parish Centre.

St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal

Boxes have been placed in the Church for donations of blankets and in-code non-perishable food items. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Planned Giving Envelopes 2022 – 2023

New sets of envelopes are available from the School side entrance of the Church. Please take the same number as last year and tick the box. If taking a set for the first time, please write your details in the space provided next to the number you have taken. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094. Thank you for your continued support of the Parish.

Safeguarding Induction for all Church Workers

All Church workers are invited to attend an online safeguarding induction. A Church worker is anyone in the Parish in any role – paid or voluntary.

The session will cover the Safeguarding policies and procedures, the importance of Safeguarding in the Parish, and the role of the Parish Safeguarding Officer. To register, please phone Ingka on 9221 7762 or visit

Available session dates include: 30 June at 1.00 pm, 21 July at 7.00 pm, 29 July at 10.00 am, 17 August at 7.00 pm, 25 August at 2.00 pm, 13 September at 7.00 pm and 28 September at 10.00 am.

Walking in the Spirit National Prayer Pilgrimage for the Plenary Council

People across the country are invited to participate in a national prayer pilgrimage as the Catholic Church in Australia prepares for the Second Assembly of the 5th Plenary Council in Sydney, New South Wales, from 3 – 9 July 2022.

We pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and grace for the members who will gather and also for ourselves and the Church, that we may have the courage to follow where God is leading us.

Access Walking in the Spirit Prayer resources at:

Aid to the Church in Need Australia

ACN has launched its ‘Helping for the Priests of Tomorrow’ global campaign. For 75 years, the benefactors of Aid to the Church in Need have generously supported the formation of seminarians. In fact, some of these men now serve as priests in Australia today. At the current time, ACN is supporting some 15 000 seminarians on the path to the priesthood.

Please read and reflect on the stories and discern to help ACN, spiritually and financially, to form the priests of tomorrow.


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Have you ever wanted to see the Holy Land ? Join Monsignor Michael Keating on his Holy Land Pilgrimage from 24 November to 9 December 2022 to Jordan and Israel. An information session has been organised for Wednesday 13 July 2022, 6.00 – 8.00 pm in St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Centre. To register your interest, please send a Whatsapp or txt to 0433 771 979, or phone 6118 7313, or email

The Record Magazine – Issue 36 June 2022

Articles in this month’s Magazine include:

  • Archbishop Costello makes history as the first WA President of Australian Bishops Conference
  • Catholic Youth Ministry – The Youth Leadership Pathway
  • WA’s First Saint: Builder of faith and churches may earn the title as WA’s first saint
  • Ministry of the Permanent Diaconate
  • People of Faith in Politics

Dr George Sekulla JP


Notre Dame Parish Council


Father Quynh has informed the school that he is visiting Vietnam next term and therefore will need to change the dates of the Confirmation Sacramental Program. Please see below for new dates:

Commitment Masses: Saturday 23 July at 6pm and Sunday 24 July at 10am

Parent and Child workshop: Thursday 4 August at 6pm commencing in the Church

Reconciliation: Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 August at 9:45am in the Church

Celebration: 13 August at 6pm

Stefanie Bradshaw


What a big term we have had in Year Four! In 4M we said goodbye to Mrs Woodley and a big hello to Mrs Dunn. This week we also say goodbye to Mrs Evangelista who will be working in 2M from next term and hello to Miss Zanlongo who will work in 4M from Term 3.

There have been many fun adventures along the way, the most recent being our excursion to Fremantle Prison and Shipwrecks Museum last Friday. We learnt so many new facts about the past and we cannot wait to learn more next term when we learn about the ‘First Fleet’ and European Settlement in Australia.

I enjoyed looking at Moondyne Joe’s cell and being in solitary confinement.


I liked when we got to look into the cells. We went into one of the cells and they turned the lights off!


I really enjoyed the Shipwrecks Museum because we got to see a lot of cool things from the past.


I learnt that Moondyne Joe stole ingredients to make a sandwich. That’s why he was sent to prison.


I liked seeing what the prisoner’s cells looked like. I thought it was also very cool that we got to see the artwork from the gallery. - Saphira

The Fish n Chips were delicious and that there is a Church in the prison. - Ethan

In Week 8, many of the students in Year 4, Nethula in Year 5, and Annie in Year 6, received first Holy Communion for the first time. The students read confidently and were very well prepared for the day. We are sure this is just the beginning of their journey with Jesus.

I liked receiving the host and I was really happy to receive Jesus.


I think Communion is about getting closer to God.


I liked saying my reading in front of everyone at Mass.


It was really exciting for me to have my First Holy Communion. I felt happy and closer to God when making this Sacrament.


I was happy because me family got to help me celebrate.


I was really excited to receive another Sacrament and get one step closer to Jesus. I’m really excited for my next Sacrament.


Throughout this term, the students have been researching about two different continents, Europe and Africa. They were able to identify many facts about chosen countries in these continents and even write a postcard in Writing and draw famous monuments in Art.

In mathematics, we have really been focussing on trying to know our times tables. The goal is for everyone to know their times tables by the end of the year! We will let you know in Term 4 if we have been successful!

Stefanie Bradshaw, Hayley Dunn, Nannette Pethick and Catherine Crabbe


Eagles Cup Summary

Last Friday was our last game of the Interschool Sport Competition. The Year 6 students, along with some Year 5, enjoyed 6 rounds of competition against our interschool cluster schools. I’d like to thank Mrs Martin, Mrs Lawrie, Mrs Flexman, Mr Wilson & Mrs Davies for all their help with training and assisting with coaching duties. Many thanks as well to the parents who helped with various roles, including umpiring, scoring, timing and coming to support our students. Below are some student summaries of the competition, along with the final placings. Well done to all the winning schools and congratulations to our students for their efforts throughout the term.

Netball B (Anezka)
It was an intense game, the ball was on the other side of the court, time was called, and Xavier had won the game. I was happy that we got to play as it was so fun! This was the first time I played Netball in a team. I developed defence and shooting skills. The thing I like most about Netball is that we get to cooperate and play as a team. Thank you to Mrs Flexman for being our coach this term.
Final Place: 7th
Winners: Sacred Heart

Netball A (Jasmin)
The schools were tied against Xavier, I was a little nervous at first but as soon as the game started we all felt releived. I am sure that we all played our hardest since it was our last game. I was so happy that we won the game for the first time. The thing that I love the most about netball is that we can all work as a team and aim for the best and everyone is so supportive. A big thanks to Mrs Lawrie for coaching and supporting our netball team :).
Final Place: 6th
Winners: Sacred Heart

Football (Elan)

The boys have been working hard and kicking lots of goals! Our last game we versed Xavier and we won 10-0, it was beautiful weather and we got to spend time with each other playing the sport we love. Thank you to Mrs Martin & Mr Wilson, our coaches, who helped us along the way to one loss, one draw and four wins. I enjoyed playing with my friends and going to new places.
Final Place: Runner Up

Winners: St Joseph’s

AFL (Marcus)

In our last game, the Year 6 boys were working hard and kicking some goals at our home-ground against Xavier. They were a tough and challenging team but Notre Dame didn’t give up and did the best we could against them and with a little bit of teamwork and passing we managed to defeat Xavier. The score was 78-28! It was a really fun competition and thank you to Mr Webb for his help coaching this term.

Final Place: 3rd

Winners: St Emilie’s

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Bike Education - Year 3

This week marked the last lesson of Bike Ed for the Year 3 students. I’d like to thank Chris and Christina from People on Bicycles for running the program and providing some valuable lessons and skills for our students. It was also great to see students who had no bike experience now confident on bikes. Here is a story that was posted on the Your Move site a couple of weeks ago about the program:

A couple of weeks ago Notre Dame started their first round of Bike Ed sessions with our Year 3, run by People on Bicycles. This was a part of the Platinum funding package that we received last year. The kids have been looking forward to this program all term and have already learnt some handy tips and tricks about keeping safe on their bikes. Here is a comment from one of our students participating in the program.

I have learnt how to fix a bike if it has a flat tyre. I learnt how to stop my bike really quickly to pick something up and keep going. My favourite part is doing races where you have to pick things up and give it to someone else and they drop it back down on the ground. Nathaniel (3P)

Many thanks to Christina and Chris who have been very helpful in running the program so far.

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Brett Webb

Sports Teacher


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The opening times are : Monday & Thursday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm during the term.


The canteen is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can place your order online at MY SCHOOL CONNECT or over the counter at the canteen, we accept cash or eftpos.

I rely on parent volunteers to assist me in running the canteen, so if you have even half an hour spare please pop in and lend a hand or see me to pick a date and time that suits you.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator

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Here is a picture of all the spectacles that have been handed into Administration during this term. If any of these belong to you, could you please notify the front office.
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If you wish to book your children in and they do not currently attend our OSHC, you will need to complete enrolment forms. Please contact the front office and we will forward you the required documents.

The cut-off date for submission is Friday, 24 June 2022. Limited places available.

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We played a variety of games this week, such as Heads Down Thumbs Up, Traffic lights and Charades. Children participated in physical activities that would help to develop physical development. These play experiences required creativity and imagination skills.

(Learning outcomes No.3 and 4)

BSC: Week 9

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On Thursday afternoon we had outdoor play at the adventure playground. Children’ choice was to undertake physical activities in the outdoor environment, such as climbing up and down, digging for treasure and building sandcastles. This activity would develop their physical and wellbeing as well as social skills.

(Learning outcomes: No. 3)

ASC: Week 8

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In the morning, children participated in music and movement activities that were musical statues, musical chairs and musical bobs. They got to release some energy and ready for school. (Learning outcomes: No. 3)

BSC: Week 9

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Kindy and Pre-primary children spent much of their time playing on their own. They made their own choices to participate in different activities which were creating a letter ‘f’ with wooden blocks, building construction with Lego Duplo, learning and practising tying a shoelace, doing puzzles, sorting out rubbish, playing with a London Bus and building train tracks. (Learning outcomes: No. 1 and 4)
BSC &ASC: Week 8&9
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Children participated in paper arts and crafts at OSHC. They have used recycled paper and cardboard to create their artworks, such as paper planes, bookmarks, love heart origami, puppets or even cardboard loom bands which they used for making bracelets. (Learning outcomes: No. 2 and 4)
BSC & ASC: Week 8&9
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Nature Playground Updates

The P&F Executive met with Darryl prior to Tuesday's P&F meeting to discuss the progress of the Nature Play upgrade at Notre Dame. Although the equipment itself is not overly costly, there are also site works required to prepare the area, and a requirement to install soft fall materials under the new equipment. The soft fall itself is $50,000! The P&F has committed funds raised from the Quiz Night and Colour Run in 2021 to go towards these upgrades, and will continue to allocate additional funds when available so this project can commence. Stay tuned for our next fundraiser launching in term 3.

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Containers for Change at Notre Dame

As well as recycling your drink bottles at school, you can also assist with fundraising for Notre Dame Primary by donating your 10c refunds from all of your containers at home to the school account. The scheme ID for Notre Dame Catholic Primary School is C10461063.




Keyed Up Music will be teaching voice, violin, woodwind, and drum lessons in Term 3 after school. Starting from $24.75 for 20min individual lessons. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning one of these instruments, please call Savanna on 0479 171 424 or enrol at


Cloverdale DTC opening hours for the July school holidays:

July School Holiday opening hours as follows:

- Open week 1: 04/07/22-08/07/22 (8.00am-4.00pm)

- Closed week 2: 11/07/22 – 15/07/22

In an emergency between the 11/07/22 and 15/07/22 please contact Mt Henry DTC on (08) 9313 0552.

For after-hours emergencies, please call your private dentist or contact the emergency service on 1800 098 818



Cloverdale DTC
Dental Health Services

Mental Health, Public Health and Dental Services

C/- Cloverdale Primary School

180 Fisher Street, Cloverdale, WA, 6105

T: (08) 9479 7222