Snow Leopard or Panthers Unica

By Bryanna Holland


The Snow Leopards current population 4,080 - 6,590.

Where are they usually found?

The steep and rocky mountains of Central Asia.

What is its endangerment status?

Climate change

Why is your species endangered?

Climate change poses perhaps the greatest long-term threat to snow leopards. Impacts from climate change could result in a loss of up to 30 percent of the snow leopard habitat in the Himalayas alone.

What is being done to help your species?

WWF works with local communities to monitor snow leopards and reduce the retaliatory killing of them through innovative local insurance plans.

What does your species eat?

Snow leopards prey upon the blue sheep.

Include at least 2 interesting facts about your species.

A snow leopard is a powerful hunter able to successfully take down an animal 3 times its own weight.

Snow leopards eat slowly, usually taking 3 or 4 days to consume a prey animal.