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Bellflower Art News - Ms. Burnett 2022-23

Warming Hearts with ART

Hey there, Bellflower families! We've welcomed 2023 in a flurry of artmaking this past month. From color exploration to patterns galore and wintery scenes, our students are feeling the art loft love in the air. Let's keep that creativity flowing!

Thanks for all you do,

Ms. Burnett

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Gallery News & Views 🎨

Bellflower's Artsonia Page

You can find our masterpieces here! Please support our artists by becoming a fan and leaving comments! Artsonia is also a great option if you would like to order keepsakes or gifts with your child's art on them.

Yearbook Cover Contest!

5th grade artists showed their Bellflower spirit with some amazing designs! Congrats to our winner, Layla O. for her lifelike view of Bellflower! Also pictured is our runner-up design by Madison D. full of color-popping tie-dye! I am so proud of all of our artists for participating.

Yearbooks can be ordered from Prelude Photography - here is the link!
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Look What We're Up To! 🤩


It's a colorful world in kindergarten and we're just living in it! We started the new year with some "magic" watercolor snowmen where we explored primary colors. Then we jumped into warm and cool color fun with a set of Jim Dine-inspired hearts. We are ready to spread some love in color this month!

1st Grade


This is me over here trying to contain my excitement about these teapot mouse houses. We were inspired by the beautiful illustrations in the book Before We Sleep, in which animal friends are getting ready for the change in seasons. We've had so much fun imagining the perfect cozy homes to curl up in when it's coooooolllllld outside!

2nd Grade

Our woodland masterpieces are finally complete! After a December pause for holiday fun, we pulled our animals back out to add some finishing touches with collage. We created SPACE by overlapping layers of Ohio's (also overlapping) seasons. Next up: PAINT! We recently learned about Josef Albers and are working on our own explorations and observations of color.

3rd Grade

Third grade is learning about contemporary folk artist Heather Galler and her use of bold color and pattern. We are creating a still life featuring a hot cocoa mug - perfect for this wintery start to February! Here's a fun dinner table game to play: Eye Spy with patterns in the kitchen!

4th Grade

Fourth graders are gearing up for some fun with fiber art! We learned about weaving, taking inspiration from Navajo culture as we reviewed basic techniques using a simple paper loom. In the weeks ahead, we'll build on our knowledge by creating a yarn weaving on upcycled CDs!

Challenge your 4th grader to a knot tie-off today!

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5th Grade

Color theory is comin' in hot in 5th grade - in colored pencil AND paint! We are learning about color schemes and how they can change the mood of an artwork. Our Warhol prints are popping with hand-colored details. We'll focus on monochromatic color schemes next, as we mix tints and shades to explore value.
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5th Grade Art Club


(Wow, that was a big one!)

Moving on this month:

  • Next meetings: February 16 & March 9, After school until 3:15. Our roster is now FULL.

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Art Video of the Month

Art Bar (short for Barbara Rucci) is one of my go-to inspirations for creative ideas at home. The winter months can feel like they last forever, and it helps to have a few easy tricks up your sleeve when everyone gets a bit stir-crazy. From crafting with cardboard to colorful paintings and mobiles, I always find something new from her website, books, newsletter, and Instagram feed. The video below previews a handful of great winter activities with common materials. More details and instructions for each can be found on this blog post!
Winter Vacation Crafts for Kids

Digital Portfolio

Your student has a digital portfolio! This collection shows growth throughout the elementary art program. When projects are completed, we will photograph and reflect on our work, and it will be posted to our Artsonia gallery (link below).

Due to the collection of artwork for this and elementary show(s), most of our physical work will be sent home 2-3 times during the year, as opposed to when it is completed. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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Mentor Schools Elementary Art Grading Scale

Elementary Art students’ assessment is based on the following:

  • Knowledge and use of art concepts including the elements of art and principles of design

  • Craftsmanship (control of tools and materials)

  • Creative Expression (The ability to use memory and imagination for visual expression)

  • Demonstrates and understanding of artistic concepts

  • Demonstrates artistic techniques appropriate to grade level

O Outstanding 9.5-10 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Applies elements and principles of design in a highly effective manner.

  • Shows superb craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates a high level or creativity and originality

  • Uses previous knowledge towards new lessons

  • Demonstrates ability beyond grade level

S+ Above Average 8-9.4 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Shows some awareness of applying elements and principles of design

  • Shows an effective level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates creativity

  • Makes connections to prior learning

  • Demonstrates above grade level ability

S Satisfactory 7-7.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates an average understanding in the application of the elements and principles of design

  • Shows an adequate level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates some creativity

  • Begins to make connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates grade level ability

S- Below Average 6-6.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates less than grade level understanding of the elements and principles of design.

  • Shows limited craftsmanship

  • Shows a low level of creativity

  • Has difficulty in making connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates below grade level ability

NI Needs Improvement 5.9 or less out of 10

The student:

  • Has not adequately completed art work

  • Needs improvement in skill and technique application

Why Art?

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About Ms. Burnett

I believe that we are all born creative, and I love building relationships through the language of art and expression. Art class is valuable for its impact in allowing us to slow down and appreciate the world around us. I follow the Studio Habits of Mind framework for instructional planning because I believe that the skills and mindsets we develop in art class truly extend far beyond these walls.