What I learned

By John Emmanuel 1/14/15 grade 7


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Have I grown as a student?

I think I have grown as a student, Why? well its simply because AVID has taught me alot. I have also grown as an Avid student because the first few weeks of AVID I was doing the same irresponsible stuff, I still do, But know I know that it is irresponsible and that I need to change that AVID has and is helping become more responsible as a student.

Cornell notes?

Cornell note- taking has helped me study because I can write myself in a way I understand, My AVID teacher told me that I would definitely need Cornell notes in High school and college so i am going to keep writing Cornell notes.

TRF forms are very helpful

Aside from Cornell notes helping another AVID strategy that helps me are TRFs', Every time we do TRF sheets I learn something new, TRFs are made for tutoring in AVID what we do is fill out the paper with something we don't understand in a class then we talk about it and get tutoring.

public speaking

AVID has also taught me how to speak in public, I used to get nervous whenever I talked to a crowd but since AVID taught me the strategies of keeping eye contact, talking loud enough for them to hear you, Pacing your self around the class, Making facial expressions and hand gestures to make it interesting, and speaking clearly, I can talk to an audience for days.

experiences of AVID

Not only does AVID teach you stuff they show you great experiences like in the first semester we went to mission Arlington to give can foods and stuff for thanksgiving to the families that needed them, this was a great experience because I Made feel good inside to help people who needed help on a special holiday and I would go there every special holiday but I don't have money or a car. We also go on field trips to college campuses to see what its like in college.

What else I learned.

last but not least the most favorite thing I learned in AVID was how to properly shake a hand, this is my favorite because I never knew how to shake a hand learning that helped me realize how wrong my handshake was and I appreciate AVID for that.

What will I do to get better next semester?

I will turn my homework on time and do my homework to get better grades in the next semester. I will also stop turning in stuff late, I Will do better o