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The Alaska Middle College School Newsletter

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of AMCS's newsletter! In addition to our website, the AMCS Facebook page, and Instagram account (search: Alaska.Middle.College), this newsletter is designed with the intent to inform, entertain, and engage our Families & Friends!

We need a title for this 'publication', and would love to choose the name from YOUR suggestions! So...get those creative juices flowing, brainstorm, and throw some ideas our way - email them to

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 11/11 Veterans Day - UAA classes in-session; No ASD classes
  • POSTPONED until January 11/22 LOL Improv Show
  • 11/27 ASD classes in-session; No UAA Classes
  • 11/28-11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday - No UAA or ASD classes
  • 12/9/12/14 Finals Week Parent/Guardian Volunteer Opportunity
  • 12/9-12/14 UAA Finals Week
  • 12/16-12/19 ASD Finals Week

Veterans Day Busing

Veterans Day, Monday, November 11, 2019, bus transportation will be provided for Eagle River and Chugiak students. Anchorage City students will need to provide their own transportation to UAA or ride the MUNI bus to UAA.

Pickup and drop off times and locations:


7:11 AM Chugiak HS

7:25 AM Eagle River HS

Arrive @ LCC 7:55 AM

Arrive @ Conoco Phillips 8:00 AM


Arrive 3:45 PM Conoco Phillips

Arrive 3:55 PM LCC

4:28 PM Eagle River HS

4:42 PM Chugiak HS

POSTPONED until January!! LOL AMCS Improv Show

**POSTPONED**You'll laugh, you'll cry (from laughing), you'll thing's for sure though, you'll not want to miss the AMCS Improv Club's annual showcase of talent!

Join us for a rip-roaring good time! Doors open at 6:30 p.m. - come early to get a good seat. If you sit close enough to the stage, you might even become a part of the show...

Volunteers Needed - Finals Week Encouragement!

Hey AMCS Families!

We're asking for your help with getting our brilliant young Seawolves through a tough time - FINALS WEEK (Dec. 9 - Dec. 13)! Finals make for long days for students and we're pretty sure that SNACKS!, along with a healthy dose of encouraging words & smiles, will help our students push through this stressful week.

Each day of the week is themed:

  • 12/09 - Donut Stress - Do your Best! (Doughnuts)
  • 12/10 - It's CRUNCH time! You've got this! (Crunchy food)
  • 12/11 - You're one smart cookie! Remember what you've studied! (Cookies!)
  • 12/12 - Orange you glad finals are almost over? Keep up the hard work! (Orange foods)
  • 12/13 - Holiday Celebration! (Your favorite Holiday treat/snack)

We're asking that parents/guardians volunteer to donate a dish/snack to support this effort. If you want to help make it all happen, please sign-up here for one day...OR all of the days! Grub can be dropped off @ the AMCS main office (ADM 103Q) between 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. each day.

Thank You AMCS Families!

It was so nice to see all of you at our Parent Check In Night held on October 15! There's always a lot of information to be shared! Our Advisors, Counselor, High School Teachers, and Principal were busy circulating and answering parent questions for the majority of the meeting. Thank you for your participation and involvement in your child's educational journey!

Spread the Word!

Alaska Middle College School's Application window for Spring 2020 is open until December 1, 2019. Spread the word and encourage the High School Juniors & Seniors in your life to apply on our website, if what they hear from you piques their interest.

UAA Advisors Say:

Advising reminders :)

Spring Registration begins Nov 25th!

Students who complete an advising appointment and submit a draft schedule to their advisor (Heather Brekke or Tamika Dowdy) will be able to register on Nov 25th.

Tips from the UAA Advisors:

  • With midterms behind you, it's a great time to review your syllabus, determine what assignments still remain in each course and calculate your potential grade based upon remaining assignments/tests.
  • Tutoring in Chemistry, Physics, Math, Biol A111, and Writing are available on campus for AMCS students.
  • Explore careers now! The best way to explore different career opportunities is through hands-on learning. Job shadowing, volunteering, and extracurricular activities at your affiliate school are great ways to learn what it's like to work in certain careers before choosing your degree pathway.
  • Take a break and breathe! College can be stressful at times and having too much stress can limit your ability to complete your work. Pay attention to yourself and your needs. Take some time to de-stress and charge your battery again, so you can focus and manage your responsibilities.

Please remember that your advisor is here to help! Reach out to your advisor with questions or concerns regarding your university experiences anytime.

Proctored ALEKS Testing @ AMCS

ALEKS is an online placement exam used to assess your skills in Mathematics & Statistics. Students who take courses at the levels indicated by their ALEKS placement scores are more likely to succeed in their courses. The ALEKS placement exam is free to all UAA students.

Only a proctored ALEKS test score will be accepted for admittance into either: 1.) the Alaska Middle College School for prospective students, or 2.) a college-level math course for current AMCS students.

The ALEKS test will be proctored by AMCS staff and will be held in ADM 143B on the following Saturdays for Spring 2020 placement:

  • November 9, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m.
  • November 16, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m.
  • November 23, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m.
  • December 7, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m.

Testing will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m., tardiness is disruptive to other test takers, so please be on time or plan to reschedule. You may reserve a seat by contacting the office at 786-7611.

Counseling Corner:

Scheduling Reminders - As you plan your spring college course schedule with your UAA advisor, please think about whether or not you plan to take a high school class in addition to your college classes. In addition to LA and Math Advisories, AMCS teachers will be teaching high school Algebra II, English III, English IV, and , U.S. Government. We will also have Apex classes available.If you plan to take a high school class, you should check the AMCS high school class schedule (attached) alongside the college class schedule you plan to have. To sign up for a high school class, you will need to see Mrs. Rawlings or send her an email with your request. Advisories will be added to student's schedules who are taking college writing or math for the first time. Students who earn a W/D/F this semester will also have an advisory added to their schedule. *Please note this Master schedule is a draft and could still be changed before the start of the spring semester, but it is what is planned as of right now.

SAT/ACT: Both juniors and seniors should be thinking about taking the SAT and ACT. It is recommended that juniors take both tests during the spring of 11th grade. This allows time for retaking the tests if students choose to. Seniors who have not yet taken one of the tests should sign up now! SAT and ACT test registration is done online through their websites. When students sign up, please make sure to enter the AMCS code (020030). This ensures that test scores are sent to the school district (required for the Alaska Performance Scholarship). Students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch are eligible for a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT (see Mrs. Rawlings). For test dates, click here.

Seniors: Now is the time to be applying to colleges for next year! Many deadlines will be in December and January. Plan ahead to allow enough time for requesting letters of recommendation. Many scholarship applications will start to become available this month as well. Be on the look out for scholarship opportunities on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the Anchorage School District Scholarship page. Every year there are scholarships that NO ONE applies for! You may be one of only a couple of applicants and you can only the scholarships if you apply, apply, apply!

Alaska Performance Scholarship: To qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship, students must meet curriculum, GPA, and test score requirements. This scholarship is an awesome opportunity, but understanding the requirements can be confusing. Please see Mrs. Rawlings if you have questions about your eligibility.

Attendance Policy

From ASD's High School Student Handbook:

"Unless the Parent/Guardian is able to excuse the absence according to ASD Board Policy 443(b), the absence will be unexcused."

Please call the AMCS office @ 786-7611 or email to excuse your child's absence.