Cause of the American Revolution

Why the American Revolution happened.


The American revolution was the only militaristic revolution that was won against Britain. It was caused because of distance, money and liberty. The colonists were being suppressed by the English government so they were completely just in declaring independence.
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Navigation Acts

The Navigation acts was a successful attempt to make British citizens only ably to trade wit British citizens. This mostly affected the colonists because it stopped the from trading with the French and the Spanish.
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The Proclamation Line

The Proclamation Line was a border created by the English government after the French and Indian war. It was made to prevent a war with the Natives in the Ohio River Valley.
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The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was a tax put on all paper products. It was a considerably miniscule amount but the colonists didn't like the idea of King George III being able to push them around, so they started to protest.
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Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was a law passed by parliament to decrease military budget by allowing soldiers to live in any persons house. It is most similar to the occupation of a city. The colonists were extremely angry when this law passed
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Townshend Act

The Townshend Acts were a tax on most goods. It cause the colonists to pay a tax on items like glass, tea, paper, and most common items.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was the killing of 5 men who were harassing English Redcoats. The men started to get violent so the Redcoats fired upon them. The name of this event was for propaganda and to spread rumor throughout the colonies.
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Tea Act & Tea Party

The Tea acts were a law passed the only the British East India Company could trade tea in the colonies. The tea became cheaper because of this. The colonists still didn't like this so they boarded an East India Company shipped dressed like Native Americans and dumped 342 crates, millions of dollars, into the ocean.
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Coercive Act

The Coercive Act was the last straw for the people of Boston. They closed the port, increased taxes and shut down the Boston local government.
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