Pull Student Email From Frontline

Student emails for Google Drive and Google Classroom

UPDATE - 03/20/2020

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A new report has been created to help teachers get students logged into Google Drive and Google Classroom faster! This report runs class rosters by teacher sections, which includes student email addresses (clickable link) and DOB. Therefore, this report lists usernames and passwords for student Google accounts, right at your fingers.

EXTRA Feature: There is a clickable link in the Adobe PDF to email each student individually or mass email all students in that section.

Instructions for running Reports. Step-by-Step instructions and pictures are below.

Beginning from the TEAMS Welcome screen:

  1. Click My Report Files
  2. Click the + next to Student
  3. Click the + next to Scheduling
  4. Select Student Class Roster with Student Email
  5. Click the down arrow on Calendar ID to select Traditional
  6. Find today's date in Schedule Date
  7. Click Request Report
  8. Report Output Type should default to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and click OK
  9. To find the Report, select Report Queue next to Report Profiles
  10. Once in the Report Queue, the report will generate and is ready to open when the status is Complete

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