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16 September 2022

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2022-2023 Opening Ceremony

TAC opened the 2022-2023 Academic Year with a special ceremony held on Monday, September 12, 2022 with the participation of all members of the school community.

Our new students, the Prep class, were particularly excited as they took their seats in the bleachers with an applause, while the students in other grade levels were happy to be rejoined with their school and friends.

The energetic entrance of the 12th graders to the ceremony area was a scene of emotional moments.

Following the opening remarks by Ms. Ahu Arslan, the School Principal and Mrs. Amanda Sunderman, the Head of School, Mr. Mehmet Yaltır, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SEV shared his sentiments about being a part of the TAC family. After the remarks of the Student Council President, Umut Aksu, the awards to the students who completed the 2021-2022 academic year with highest TAC points in their grade levels were presented by Mr. Mehmet Özel, the President of the TAC Alumni Association.

We wish all members of the TAC Family a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable year.

Mrs. Amanda Sunderman, the First Female Head of School at TAC

As part of his remarks in the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Mehmet Yaltır, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) introduced Mrs. Amanda Sunderman, the new Head of School, with these words: "Our new school leader, Mrs. Amanda Sunderman took the role of the Head of School for TAC this year. Since the school’s establishment in 1888, this is the first time we have a female HoS. It is a great change for our school, which has been a boys' school since its establishment until 1979 and run by male heads of schools until this academic year. I wish her success and welcome her to both the Tarsus American community and the SEV community.”

As a TAC family, we also welcome Mrs. Amanda Sunderman and wish her a rewarding experience in Tarsus.

TAC'27 Boarding Orientation

Our Boarding Student Orientation for the 2022-2023 academic year was held during the weekend before the start of the school (10-11 September 2022). Following the lottery for our students to pick their rooms, the presentations started.

During the weekend, informative presentations were offered by the dormitory team, infirmary staff and the counseling department to the new boarding students and their parents. Then, while an information meeting was held for the parents by the Vice Principal in charge of prep classes, while our peer counselors and prep students met in the canteen and had the opportunity to chat.

A dinner was organized in our school garden with the participation of school administrators, the dormitory team, TAC’s peer counselors, guidance counselors, and our boarding students and parents who joined the big TAC family this year. Later, the students said goodbye to their families and got to know one another during the ice breakers organized by our guidance counselors.

Waking up to a warm but beautiful Tarsus morning after the first day, the students met with the school counselors and the peer counselors after breakfast. On the second day of the orientation program, TAC’s peer counselors in grade 10 led a series of activities and games which helped boarding students of the prep class and students from older grade levels spend a fun time together.

During the weekend, the other members of the school counseling team and parents of boarding students met in a sharing session. Through various activities in which our parents actively participated, they had the opportunity to both get to know each other better and share their sentiments about this new experience.

As part of the orientation program, boarding students also participated in a tour of Tarsus, accompanied by their teachers in the dormitory and a professional guide.

The happiness of the students, who took a fast track to getting used to their new environment, their teachers and their friends, was reflected on their faces, which also made their parents confident as they were leaving.

TAC'27 Yatılı Öğrenciler
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TAC’s Success in Chess

At the International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament held between 8-14 August 2022, Edibe Eylül, one of TAC’s 10th graders, received the 3rd place prize in Category B with 136 ELO points.

In addition, TAC’s prep student Taylan Rüzgar remained undefeated in all his games at the Turkish Chess Second League held in Konya between 21-28 August, being awarded the championship title and moving up to the Turkish First League in Chess.

We congratulate Edibe Eylül and Taylan and wish them continued success in the upcoming tournaments.

TAC Student Receives First Place in Musical Composition Contest

We are proud to share that Efe İnan, one of our 11th graders, received the first place award among more than two hundred original compositions at the Golden Time Talent UK Music Contest (15-17 age category) with his song titled “Kleptomania”.

Youtube link for the track:

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Turkish University Placements of TAC 2022 Graduates

TAC is proud to share the Turkish University destinations of our TAC'22 graduates.

We congratulate all TAC graduates who have reached their post-secondary targets, and thank everyone who contributed to these successful results.

Click for 2020-2022 University Programs for the Last 3 Years.

Click for 2022 University Exam Results.

International University Placements of TAC 2022 Graduates

TAC is proud of our TAC'22 graduates, who will continue their education at leading universities of the world, and wish them continued success in the university.

The school thanks everyone who contributed to the success of a total of 40 graduates, 11 of whom are IB students, who will be attending 29 universities in 8 different countries.

TAC Student Sets a New Record with Full Score in IB

Mehmet Arif B., who got 7 perfect points from each subject in the IB May 2022 exam receiving a perfect score of 45, became the pride of both TAC and our country. We congratulate our student, who placed in the highest percentile globally in the IB Diploma Program, and wish him continued success.

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Counseling Services Handbook is updated

Please click on the image below for the updated Counseling Handbook.

YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

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