All about wind

General Information

Definition: Wind is the sideways movement of air.

What Causes Wind: Wind is caused by differences in air pressure.

Local Winds

Definition: Wind that generally moves short distances and can blow in one direction.

How Local Winds are Created: Local winds are created by the uneven heating of earth's surfaces.

How Sea Breezes Blow: Sea breezes blow because air pressure is created over the ocean during the day and low pressure over land due to uneven heating and then air from the ocean blow onto land.

How Land Breezes Blow: Land breezes blow because low pressure occurs over the ocean during the night and high pressure over land due to uneven heating of earth.

Local Winds

Global Winds

Definition: Wind that blows steadily over long distances.

How Global Winds are Created: The combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis Effect cause global winds.

About Doldrums: Located along the equator where no winds blow because the warm rising air creates and area of low pressure.

About Trade Winds: Winds that blow from 30° almost to the equator.

About Jet Streams: The jet streams are narrow belts of high speed winds that blow in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.

About Polar Easterlies: Wind belts that extend from the poles to 60° latitude.

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