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How to Make The Most Out Of Your Data Centre Management

Although data centres come in various sizes and shapes, one thing is for sure: optimization and maximization are worth every penny of the investment. Read below to find the easiest data centre management tips and how your business can prosper by simply offering a little more attention to details:

Properly manage all visible and physical cables

Apart from hardly being aesthetic, physical cables can also become hazardous, leading to unwanted events. You can use specific cable colour schemes to identify cables easier or elevating cables to prevent menaces such as pooling water, which can lead to further complications. Specific spreadsheets can also work miracles in terms of cable maintenance so make sure you use them especially in large data centres.

Make step-by-step changes

Since technologies change so quickly nowadays, it can become disorienting for centre admins to keep up with the latest techs. Although your data centre management skills can be close to perfection, making changes too quickly can actually lead to the opposite effect. Improvements in the system’s hardware should be made gradually, without affecting the entire data centre. Whatever upgrades and new installations can be made with the minimum number of PCs affected so that the overall impact on efficiency will be minimum.

Boost storage space

Although the IT industry is constantly changing, most admins continue to rely on “old school” storage as opposed to appealing to the perks of modern techs. Since storage space is essential to any reliable data centre, admins need to focus more on cloud storage or external storage systems.