Virtual Reality

by Shane Verken


Technically VR started with the first panoramic painting from the 19th century and worked it's way up from there. The second piece in the history would be the stereoscopic pictures like you would find in a view-finder. The next largest step was the sensorama which was a device created to fully immerse someone into a movie giving a 360 sound board and picture, a fan, and a vibrating chair which was actually pretty good for a production from the 1950s. After the first VR headset created in 1960 it has gotten many new improvements all the way up the point it is today.

What is VR and why is it important?

Virtual Reality (or VR for short) is creating a method or machine to simulate a place that you are not really in. It started out as very simple still picture and turned into moving films and interactive games. As for why is it important? I would say because it could be the future of our lives. Our future could end up being virtual instead of reality because you can manipulate the virtual reality however you want which you obviously cant do with regular reality.