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HB20-1062 passed 5-0 by Senate Education Committee yesterday

The bill was placed on the senate's "consent agenda," which is designed to quickly move bills without opposition through the process. My guess is it might get its second reading next week, with the third and final reading/passage a few days later. We will certainly keep everyone in the loop as to progress.

If and when signed by Gov. Polis, the changes would go into effect on or about Aug. 1.

Many thanks to Patrick Moring and Laura Sudik Varble for their emotional and compelling testimony, and to Lori Schafer, who was editor of Overland HS's The Scout nine years ago when Laura was harassed by her principal. Those three formed the heart of our argument.

Thanks also to Marta Hedde and Sheila Jones for providing historical context and insights into the consequences of advisers being pressured and how students will self-censor when they worry about their teacher's job.

Anything can happen, of course, but HB20-1062 looks to be in fine shape.

Sen. Don Coram (R-Montrose) is our senate sponsor, and you can follow the bill all the way through the legislative process at this link.

CSMA is looking for its next executive director

Colorado Student Media Association - Executive Director

Approximate Start Date: between April 1, 2020 and June 1, 2020


The Colorado Student Media Association (CSMA) is in search of an Executive Director to oversee the administration of programs for the membership of the organization with the objective to increase the quality of scholastic journalism in the state of Colorado. Other key duties include organizing J-Day (our state convention), coordinating our contests and critique services, outreach to membership, maintaining our online and social media presence, and overseeing the finances of the organization. The position is part-time and the number of weekly hours varies based on the time of year. The Executive Director reports directly to the CSMA Board of Directors.


The Executive Director will be paid a salary range of $20,000-$25,000 annually and, depending on experience and desire, the executive director may be able to gain employment teaching courses at a partner university.

The Executive Director will have the following responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the CSMA Board of Directors and partners, including the Colorado Press Association and local universities, among others

  • Membership office work

  • J-Day organization (state journalism conference each fall)

  • Contest and critique coordination

  • Recruit and maintain relationships with judges for contests and critiques

  • Collaborate with the Journalism Education Association and with state press association directors

  • Ad hoc and summer workshop/special event organization

  • Regular website, social media and direct email support of members

  • Financial accounting office work

While flexible, the Executive Director should have the following preferred qualifications and skills:

  • Preferred experience advising and/or teaching journalism grades 6-12

  • Conference organization skills/experience

  • Basic office workflow and management

  • Financial reporting including filing annual IRS forms for non-profits

  • Flexibility -- the time commitment of the position varies greatly throughout the year

Interested applicants should send current CV/resume to CSMA President, Jessica Hunziker, MJE at jmhunziker@dcsdk12.org, 720.327.8500.

Thanks for being an important part of our state association

Colorado Student Media Association memberships are by school medium, and we offer four options: print news, yearbook, online, and video media. A single membership is $65. We offer a convenient online membership form, and you can choose either to pay with a school credit card or ask to be invoiced.

Spring is busy for everyone, with lots of scholarship opportunities, individual contests, and much more. Watch for your weekly e-newsletter for details and be sure to check our website for the latest information.