This Week At SHOJ

Sept. 25, 2020

From Mrs. Rhodes

We have reached the end of the 4th week of school. I cannot tell you how proud I am of all the students, families and staff for everything. It seems that each week we find things that we can change to do better and people are willing to change.

Through this flexibility, I often hear comments about the new version. Last May, on the actual graduation day for our 8th graders, we had a parade through the courtyard - teachers lined the outside and cheered the students and families that drove through with their decorated vehicles. Many said that we should keep this tradition. After First Communion, which was only the student and parents, I heard how much parents appreciated being able to stand next to their child as they received Jesus for the first time.

It is still somewhat heartbreaking that things can't be back to normal - especially things like sports or school Rosaries. I hang onto the hope that in God's plan He works for the good in all things (Romans 8:5). I hope that as we miss traditions of the fall events (Trunk or Treat, Brown Bottle, Halloween Parade, Near and Dear Day, etc.) that we have the courage to try something new with an open mind and heart - knowing that the sacrifices we make are making a world of difference and that one day we will appreciate these with an even greater joy.

We Are ONE,

Mrs. Rhodes

All Things Dress Code Oct. 5-9

The first week in October we will be focusing on all things dress code. Please make sure that your student is in school uniform and other dress code requirements. Information starts on page 22 of the handbook found on the front of our website.
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Spirit Day is Friday, Oct. 2. Wear you shirt to show your SHOJ spirit.