Freak The Mighty

Made by Robman Philbrick


Title Of Book

This book is about a boy, named Max, he is really dumb and people think he is a "killer". His dad is a murderer and people are scared of him. He is big and strong and lives with his gram and grim. He doesn't know anything. But then when Freak came along ,he had his life changed. They got the nickname "Freak the Mighty".

Conflict/ Man vs. Society

Freak and Max are always getting picked on and that has the conflict because everybody thinks that Freak is a nerd and Max is a scary killer.

How conflict relates to story

It relates to the theme by Max and Freak have a really good friendship and they don't judge by appearence. Like Freak thinks that Max is a big guy, or Max thinks that Freak is little midget, but they are still friends. They go through a lot adventures and still they are united.