Ancient Greece

Daniella Hernandez World History A4

Ancient Greek Clothing: Entertainment Review

Back then they made their own clothing. Homespun fabric that was a type of garment or blanket. Women mostly made it. Men and women wore sandals, slippers, boots and soft shoes and some were just barefoot. It was elaborate design and some were bright colors but it wasn't most common. They were homemade clothes. Make up was common for women. Small gold ornaments would be sewed into their clothes and would shine as they move.

Ancient Greek World

Daily Women's Life

Women didn't really have rights. They were mostly controlled by men. They would harvest olives and fruit was their responsibility and gathering vegetables. They were in charge of taking care of the children and raising them and sewing family clothes. They would limit their time to see their neighbors. They made vases to portray the women's life. The women would spend their time in the courtyard to get fresh air. Women would sit in their chairs and talk.

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek Women in Athens

These women get controlled before they get married. And they get controlled after they get married. What they did was learnt in school or read at home. Skills spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking they learned those things at home and other things also. All they would do is stay home and do that and talk to other women. They only time they would leave is for religious reasons. Men that are in their 30's would marry teens. After they got married the couple would share a cake. The father of the teen would choose who will their daughter marry.

My Opinion on Ancient People Clothing

My opinion on ancient Greek clothing is that I think its pretty cool. I would like homemade clothes. I would like to make my own clothes and make it the way i like them. I think their clothing was pretty revealing. I would wear something like that for Halloween. I would like to wear a dress like that around and nobody will judge me.
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