Early Childhood News

March 31st, 2019

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Welcome Back!!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break! We can't wait to see you this week!!

KC is ready to come back - she misses spending each day with her friends. She spent the week with Mrs. Knight and her family while my family was on a trip to our favorite place - Charleston, South Carolina. KC will be gone from school on Tuesday because she will be having surgery. She will be back on Wednesday! She's also going to puppy school, to learn some basic obedience skills now that she is old enough. She will go through three rounds of training and then head to therapy school!

We have parent teacher conferences this week. It is always our goal to meet with every family - please make sure you let your child's teacher know a good time!

Kindergarten screenings are also coming up. FECC families do not have to register their children - your child is already in the FPS system. You do not need to sign up for a screening either - we will be doing those during the school year. All you will need to do is update your child's enrollment online this summer. You will receive an email about that in June or July along with all other FPS families.

Have a great night and we will all see you soon!!


Jen Meyerhoff

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Things to Remember...

April 3rd and 4th: Parent Teacher Conferences

April 8th - 12th: Non FECC students screened for kindergarten

April 15th - 19th: FECC students screened for kindergarten (during the school day)

Friday, May 10th: Preschool Celebration

Tuesday, May 14th: Last day of school for FECC students

Wednesday, May 15th: Early release - last day for rest of district

*Drills will continue weekly throughout the year, practicing each one once a month

About FECC

FECC is the early childhood building for Fulton Public Schools. In our building, we have two Title 1 Preschool Classes, 3 Early Childhood Special Education Classes, FEC Preschool, and Parents as Teachers. We also have a daycare center for teen parents who attend FPS, and FPS staff members. Jen Meyerhoff is the director. Please call with any questions!