Twelfth Night V She's The Man

Viola: Twelfth Night


Viola would think of herself as a hard worker, strong, and determined. Viola would say these things about herself because she would work hard for Orsino and still called him "Master" despite herself being a noblewoman. "Your master quits you, for your service done him, so much against the mettle of your sex, so far beneath your soft and tender breeding, and since you called me 'master' for so long, here is my hand. you shall this time be your master's mistress"(V.i.305-15). Orsino says this to viola after finding out that she's actually a woman. He says this to show that she was a determined and hard working servant especially for being a female and still calling him master when she herself is a noble woman, showing that she's strong minded as well.


Throughout the story of Twelfth Night, Viola's character has been disguised as a man in order to work for the Duke Orsino. Because of her costume she was forced to partake in the gender guidelines of being a man at this period of time. This included her having to serve Duke Orsino and dressing like a man. Since Viola had done this the Lady Olivia had fallen in love with her thinking that she was man. and since she was a woman it was wrong to have a relationship with Olivia. Viola had soon fallen in love with the Duke but identifying as a man meant that she couldn't love a man. She later reveals her true gender of a woman, by saying, "If nothing lets to make us happy both but this my masculine usurped attire, do not embrace me till each circumstance of place, time, fortune, do cohere and jump that I am Viola"(V.i.240-45) . when she does this she admits that she's a woman and is In love with Orsino.


In the story Viola has to dress as a man to be able to work for Orsino. She does this with help of a sailor who helps disguise her. "And I'll pay thee bounteously conceal me what I am and be my aid for such a disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent"(I.ii.45-55). This perceives everyone into thinking that she's a man. Before she revealed her identity everyone thought she was a man which is why Olivia had fallen in love with him. According to one of Orsino's servants, Viola was also a very good worker and Orsino was glad to have him. Later it Viola shares that she has been a woman all along and changes the perception of her being a man.


Things I have in common with my character is that I am a strong minded person as well. In the story Viola was determined enough to work for Orsino that she dressed up as a man to be able to accomplish her goal of running away from her brothers death. I am also determined to the point of when I plan to do something that I don't stop until its done.

Things that differ from my character and I is that Viola has to dress as a man to do what she needs where as I don't. She also has lost her father and her brother who she first thought was dead when he wasn't. I am different from this because I haven't lost my father or my brother.

Viola: She's The Man


In the movie She's The Man, Viola is seen as a tomboy that doesn't like all the girly proper thing that her mother tries to enforce. She's shown as a sporty soccer player who already breaks the gender roles. In the movie there are scenes where she comes home covered in mud from practice and her mother tries to tell her to stop playing such a rough sport and to dress up for a pageant for her. She refuses because it shows that she doesn't follow her mothers idea of "womanly". There's also scenes where Viola gets told that the girls soccer team can't be as good as the boys simply because they're girls. This makes Viola decide to join the guys team dressed as her brother to prove the point that girls are just as good as boys.


In the movie Viola's mother tries to enforce a proper, girly attitude for Viola that she refuses to do by eating messy and being rude and getting dirty at practice. When Viola had dressed up as her brother Sebastian, she had to act completely differently than she did. She had to have a deeper voice, a ruder attitude, hit on girls, and be "less emotional". She even had to alter her clothing and the way she dressed to show that she was a guy, she had to bind her chest, wear her brothers clothing and walk more like a guy. In the movie there was a scene where she would follow random men on the streets and try to copy their walking posture to understand how to stand and walk like a guy.


Since Viola has to dress up as her brother to play on the boys soccer team, most of the people think that shes a man. There is a scene in the movie where her brother and her have to be in the same place so she has to switch between the two outfits to be able to keep her and her brothers cover. This scene shows that she has to deceive her mom into thinking her brother is there and that hes been going to Illyria and not her dressed up as Sebastian. This is different than how she sees herself because she does identify as a woman as shown in the end of the film when she admits shes a girl by pulling up her shirt. She does this because the team had found out that she wasn't really her brother and some of the team mates didn't believe her.


There are times in the film that I can relate to Viola because I'm similar to her. In the film it shows her as a tom boy who doesn't have the best manners. I can relate to that because in an unprofessional setting I'd act the same way because I don't like the girly stereotype.

I am different from Viola in the film in many ways. Although I might be a tomboy I'm not a sports kid. Also unlike Viola, I hate sports. Another thing that's different between us is that she is the same age as her brother and they look alike. My brother is 5 years older than me and we look nothing like each other.