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So what about all these books from Spring 2020?!?

Well, now is the time to bring those puppies back from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom...wherever your children were reading!

We have procedures in place to protect our students and staff until further notice:

  1. The physical library will be closed temporarily, so we are going "Virtual Library" to check-out books
  2. During the first week of school students will receive instruction on how to use the Destiny Catalog (Library Management System) and will visit the "Virtual Library" from their devices to hunt, select and reserve books
  3. Kindergarten students will be allowed one book at a time, Grades 1-4 will be allowed two books at a time
  4. Books will be delivered by library staff to student classrooms when reservation is fulfilled
  5. Books returned will be sanitized and quarantined for 24 hours before placed back on the shelves for circulation
  6. Students who are virtual will have the same opportunities to select books from the library
  7. Reserved books will be processed, placed in a plastic bag and left on a cart under the porch each day
  8. Parents/students will be emailed when books are available for pick-up
  9. Returned books will be placed on the same cart in the same plastic bag

Until we can fully open the library; this will be our check-out, check-in solution. As the media specialist, I will be pushed into classrooms for their library special. I will be implementing STEM activities with a variety of manipulatives that will be sanitized and left for 24 hours before reusing. We will be exploring some great topics during library...with activities to promote digital citizenship, civic citizenship, digital escape rooms and a plethora of fun topics.

This will be a challenging time and require lots of time, so your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Together we will get through this and provide an excellent education for your children.

I look forward to the first day with students!!

Mrs. Bitsy Galaska

Media Specialist, REC