Queen Elizabeth 1

Queen of England

The daughter of King Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7th 1533. Queen Elizabeth's mothers name was Anne Boleyn. Anne wasn't there for much of Elizabeth's life. Anne got arrested in 1536. On May 19th Anne was executed. To the right is Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth spent most of her youth at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. In 1540 49 old Henry marries 19 year old Catherine Howard. Then on Feb. 13th 1542 Catherine is beheaded for adultery.

The Queen Through the Years.

After the death of Catherine, Elizabeth was devastated. Elizabeth was mad her father for having Catherine beheaded. Henry got engaged to Katherine Parr. Henry died on January 28 1547. After her fathers death Elizabeth leaves with Katherine Parr. Princess Elizabeth leaves Katherine's household under questionable circumstances because of rumors of an affair between Elizabeth and Katherine's husband. In 1548 Katherine dies in child birth. In 1551 Elizabeth returns to the court.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth

  • When the Black Death ( Bubonic Plague ) broke out in London in 1563, Queen Elizabeth I moved her court to Windsor Castle where she erected gallows and ordered that anyone coming from London was to be hanged

  • Queen Elizabeth dies on 24 March 1603 of of blood poisoning

Queen Elizabeth

The queen was always trying to make things better. She did everything she to make things good. She took care of her people

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