March 2017


Welcome to our monthly club newsletter!! We will host information about tournaments, player of the month, practices, how to stay healthy, and helpful hints for volleyball. If you have any questions or fun announcements to add please email me at Please do not forget to send me pictures and videos of your daughter at their tournaments. I will post to our social media sites and to our major slide show on our webpage!!

Director's Corner

Dear Chief Family,

I would like to Thank You for you dedication to the program and for allowing me to have your daughters in this program. I would also like to say thank you for your timely payments so that we can run this program smoothly. As our season comes to an end soon please keep in mind a few things:

  1. Practice is NOT optional
  2. Be ON TIME to all tournaments. NO EXCUSES
  3. Please be on time to pick your daughters up after practice as we all have schedules to maintain.

Have a wonderful day as always and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Shereka McLain

Tournament Players of the Month