Pierremont Paw Print

November 24, 2020

Note from Gina

This week we round out our conversation about gratitude. But we don't have to stop feeling grateful. Expressing gratitude is good for our well-being and that of others, no matter what time of year. We at Pierremont wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


Upcoming Blended Learning Schedule

Nov. 25- No School

Nov. 26- No School

Nov. 27- No School

Nov. 30- Distance Learning with Teachers

Dec. 1- Distance Learning with Teachers

Dec. 2- Distance Learning with Teachers

Dec. 3- Group 1- In Person Learning

Dec. 4- Group 2- In Person Learning

Message From PTO

Getting to Know our Staff

This year, we've taken our Getting to Know You forms online and sent them to all of our Pierremont staff members in an effort to make sure those who impact our kids on a regular basis have a chance to be acknowledged. We encourage you to take a few minutes to see just how many staff members your child encounters in a regular school day, even during COVID times. (We don't even see the work they do behind the scenes!) Classroom...specials...specialists...counselors...lunch monitors...office staff...administration...and so many more! It's quite remarkable when you really think about it. As they say, it takes a village, both at home and at school and virtually! Here at Pierremont, we're lucky to have a pretty great village. :)

As we've done in years past, we've gathered these forms on Google Drive for you to reference. Since we have so many staff members, you'll see that the files have been divided into categories to hopefully make it easier to find who you are looking for. Please note that the files are constantly being updated. Our staff just received this yesterday so if someone does not have anything listed, please be patient and check back again in a few days!

Please remember that it is never expected or required to give gifts to teachers or staff. PTO collects this information as a courtesy for anyone who may want to give, as we often have people asking us for ideas. (We're guessing they probably have plenty of "#1 teacher" gifts to last a lifetime!) Thanks for caring for those who are shaping our kids! Please let Sarah Rohan (pierremontPTO.vicepresident@gmail.com) know if you have any questions or issues opening the link: https://tinyurl.com/y4lvay4h.