Revolution and Republic of Texas

How does the past shape our present and future?

Conflict Leads to Revolution Ch.1

Texas was part of Mexico during the 1820's and 1830's. One issue was that they had to be Roman Catholic, but many immigrants ignored this law. Slavery was illegal in Mexican Texas but immigrants called there slaves "indentured servants" to get around the law. Immigrants were afraid the Mexican government might change its mind.
In 1830, Mexico passed a law to slow down immigration, therefor, slaves could no longer come into Mexican Texas.
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Immigrants moved to Mexican Texas from the United States,and they opened businesses such as a general store.
In 1832 and 1833, the colonists held many conventions to talk about these matters. Soon, colonists wanted Texas to become its own independent state so they could decide matters for themselves.

The Texas Revolution Begins

One of the early causes of the Texas Revolution was Austin's arrest by Santa Anna. There were also other battles such as Goliad and Gonzales.
In July 1835, Austin was released from prison. Santa Anna sent troops to Texas later that year, that was another cause of the Texas Revolution. On October 1835, in the town of Gonzales, a battle began. Mexican soldiers had the rights to remove a cannon from the town, but the towns people had other ideas. Someone drew a cannon on a huge, white flag with words that said " COME AND TAKE IT". Soon, a short war started. In the battle, a group of Texas soldiers defeated Mexico.

March on San Antonio

The Texas settlers chose Stephen F. Austin as their general and went to San Antonio. Mexican general Martin, had more than 1000 soldiers that had control of San Antonio.
Almost 300 men started the march to San Antonio. They called themselves "Army of the People." Many people from the United States came to help the Texas army. Soon there were 37 Tejanos.
Juan Seguin was born in San Antonio of 1806. At the age of 22 he was elected to San Antonio's town council. He continued to serve the people of Texas under Mexican Government rule. But this however, stopped in 1835 when Seguin became captain, leading other Tejanos to fight for independence. Seguin and his Tejanos fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. After the war ended, he went back to serving for the government, but it was now the Republic of Texas.

A New Government

While the army was busy at San Antonio, Texas delegates were having the Consultation. The Consultation, was a meeting that was in San Felipe to discuss what to do next. Delegates chose Henry Smith as governor and Sam Houston as leader for the Texas army. Texas's government was having problems and had no money to pay the soldiers. Therefor, they asked the United States for money and help.

The Declaration of Independence

All Texas delegates met in Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 1st. This was a major event in The Texas Revolution. George C. Childress lead the group that wrote the Declaration of Independence for Texas. The Declaration clearly stated what the people of Texas wanted and why. They would have freedom of religion, the right trial by jury, and the right to petition. There were three delegates who signed the declaration: Jose Antonio Navero, Jose Francisco Ruiz, and Lorenzo de Zavala.

The New Constitution

Next, Texas delegates needed to create a constitution. The purpose of Texas's constitution was to explain how the government would work. It took two weeks to complete the document, and it was one of the successes of the Republic of Texas. This was important because the laws were written down for everyone to read. The constitution created three branches of the government and included a Bill of Rights just like the U.S constitution. The constitution stated all people had specific rights. Immigrants were continued to be encouraged to move to Texas. The constitution, however, did not treat everyone equally. American Indians were not granted citizenship and slaves were not granted freedom. Texas still had to fight for its independence. On March 4, Sam Houston was made commander and chief of the Republic of Texas.

The Battle of the Alamo Chpt. 2

Santa Anna was infuriated when General Cos was defeated in December of 1835. When Santa Anna arrived, there were only about 150 soldiers fighting for Texas. Santa Anna decided to lay a siege to the Alamo. Santa Anna flew a blood red flag meaning only one thing: surrender or die.
The fighters at the Alamo could have escaped because the Mexican siege had not cut them off entirely.....yet. Texians William B. Travis and James Bowie agreed to hold the Alamo until the two men became too sick to continue. The Mexicans attacked at dawn on February 24. David Crockett had fought in the Alamo and was an important fighter in it. All the men who fought in the Alamo played an important part in Texas independence.

An Alamo Legend

People have said that Colonel Travis drew a line in the sand at the Alamo. He told Santa Anna and his army they could cross the line and fight or could escape. Only two men "crossed" the line, Colonel Travis and Moses Rose who only crossed because he was getting paid to fight.

The Alamo's Fall

The battle continued to rage on for days. Santa Anna brought 1,400 trained soldiers to the final fight. On March 6, war music called "El Deguello" told the armies to show no mercey! Texians and Tejanos awoke and went to their posts. Mexicans climbed the walls of the mission and entered the plaza. Travis's last words were known as, "Don't surrender boys!" In less than two hours, Texas soldiers lay dead in the Alamo. Mexico had won. This battle...

Remember The Alamo

A group of girls called "The Daughters of the Republic of Texas" were given a fortune from a woman named Clara Driscoll. The girls preserved the Alamo as an important part in Texas history.

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