hmmm, tell me more about this Isagenix.........

Most start Isagenix for a 30-60-90 day plan to essentially fortify & nourish the body. Many continue for maintenance and for daily ease- we desire and crave excellence in nutrition/supplementation. We just plain feel better on the products!

  • Weight loss is a side-effect.
  • A functional metabolism is an assurance
  • Healthy, re-newed cells will be created
  • Radiant skin, hair and nails will arrive
  • Puffiness and water-retention will go buh-bye
  • Restful sleep will be earned and enjoyed
  • Energy will sky-rocket
  • Retrain your body to crave and enjoy whole foods again
  • It's not a life-sentence, just a brilliant lifestyle
  • Youthful vitality will prevail! Hallelujah!
  • The nourishment is packed in the shakes:
  • Raw ingredients galore
  • Herbs
  • Botanicals
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Healthy carbohydrates and essential fats
  • Clean and organic protein produced in one of the most cleanest environments on the planet
  • Protein extracted very systematically (trademarked and exclusive to no other company in the world) keeping the nutrients present so that it can be absorbed and utilized in the body most optimally
  • Clinically proven to assist the body in muscle growth, fat loss, and believe it or not…healing
  • 7.4 on the power of hydrogen scale
  • No soy. No fake sugars. No fillers. No gluten. No GMO’s.
  • Safe for all
  • Years and years of toxins get stored in the body’s fat cells creating havoc, imbalance and weight fluctuations.
  • You remove those life sucking toxins by a gentle nutritional cleanse. This is NOT a toilet cleanse, but a support cleanse.
  • You take a break from fork food and digestion for no more than 48 hours, but never deplete or deprive your body of essential nutrients at any time.
  • The second 24 hours is where all the magic happens.
  • Options in cleansing are available
  • Study after study is showing that DISTRESS is destroying the body. A major component of Isagenix tackles this very destruction head on:
  • Assists the body by regulating cortisol spikes back into the norms
  • This same component kicks those cravings and processed carb addictions to the curb.
  • Teaches your body to adapt to stress
  • Helps with focus and clarity
  • Also aids in sweet dreams

I firmly and passionately believe my body is a temple to the Holy Spirit. We are fearfully and wonderfully created. Despite the sickening ways our foods have been manipulated, genetically altered and unnaturally created, despite what these fake foods do to us, despite the stress we are all under each and every day, a body CAN heal. It’s considerably less expensive to invest in your health than to invest in chasing your health.

I am immensely comforted over the fact that this company spends millions of dollars on third party testing. Purity is what we demand. Purity is what we get.
After all this, you decided it isn’t for you? You get your money back. Guaranteed.
Be well and join us!

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