Adrián Melchor Martínez - 2º E

Renaissance architecture

There are three styles:

  • Plateresque style(1500-1530): gothic forms were kept inside buildings, but the outside incorporated Renaissance decorative motifs like coats or arms, medallons and pinnacles.
  • Purist style (1530-1560): it adopted Renaissance elements in the building structure and enlarged the decorative elementes.
  • Herreriano style (1560-1600): talking its name from the architect Juan de Herrera, it is characterised by simple structures, slate roofs and bare decoration.

Renaissance sculpture

Spanish sculpture follows a unique style, it differs from the fashions in the rest or Europe. Tis is calle polychrome sculpture which creates very realistic images.

The most famous sculptors are Alonso Berruguete and Juan de Juni.

Renaissance painting

Spanish painters were influenced by the Italian masters and their themes were mostly religious.

The works of El Greco are very personal and unique. He drew elongated figures with complicated postures.

The themes are usually religious, inspired by the ideas or the Catholic Counter-Reformation, like the veneration of the saints and the Virgin, that were rejected by Protestants.