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Information from the stacks! September 2015

Monthly Online Flyer for Your Reading Enjoyment

Each month the K-8 library team will share some online and print resources you will hopefully find interesting and useful. The library manager in each building will share via email. Check it out! The newsletter will be divided into four sections: Reading Enjoyment, Information Literacy, Technology Integration, and Social Responsibility.

Reading Enjoyment

Every Kid in a Park

Free Access to Federal Lands and Waters for 4th Graders and Their Guests

Every Kid in a Park invites children of all backgrounds to discover their public lands and all they offer, including opportunities to be active and spend time with friends and family. As living classrooms, these outdoor places and historic sites also provide hands-on, real-world opportunities to develop critical skills and learn about the natural world.

Students participate in a fun, educational activity on the Every Kid in a Park website and receive a personalized paper pass to print and bring with them to visit public lands. At certain participating sites, fourth graders can also exchange the paper pass for a durable plastic Interagency Annual 4th Grade Pass. Fourth graders must be present for free entry into parks and to exchange the paper pass for a plastic one. The paper or plastic passes will be valid from September 1, 2015, through August 31, 2016.

The Every Kid in a Park pass admits the fourth grader and any accompanying passengers in a private, non-commercial vehicle at per vehicle fee areas, or the pass owner and up to three accompanying adults at sites that charge per person.

For more information, or to print passes for 4th grade students, visit the official website: https://www.everykidinapark.gov/

To check out print or electronic resources from your school library about national parks visit: http://tinyurl.com/AlexandriaGBSD

To check out a "bucket-of-books" from Multnomah County library related to national parks visit: https://multcolib.org/educators/school-corps/bucket-books

For lesson plan ideas visit: http://teachnps.weebly.com

Information Literacy


Teach your students to interact closely with digital books for information seeking purposes. Do they know how to search for keywords in a book? Do they know how to highlight and take notes? How about use an online dictionary?

Our libraries have resources you can use with an entire class. Explore GBSD's digital resources in MackinVia. Most of our eBooks have unlimited simultaneous access, which means every student in your classroom is able to open the same book at the same time while you demonstrate and allow independent practice to take notes, highlight, or look up words in the online dictionary!

Go to your school library resource page and click on "MackinVia". Login by choosing your school from the drop down menu. Your username and password are the same you would use for your school Google accounts.

MackinVia and Notebooks

Technology Integration

History in Context, Student Resources in Context are Now Connected to Google Drive

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is now a Google for Education Partner. Users are able to seamlessly login to their school or library’s Gale In Context resources using Google Account credentials. Users can easily download, save and share articles using Google Apps for Education including Drive and Docs. Our Gale In Context resources are stored in MackinVia, our "warehouse" for electronic resources. Contact your school's library manager or Venisha Bahr, the K-8 Library Coordinator, for a tutorial.

Google and US History in Context

Social Responsibilty

September in the Libraries

Library managers spend a great deal of time working with students and staff regarding responsibility with library materials in and out of the library. Do you know how long a book can be checked out from your school library? Do you know how many books a student is able to check out at any given time? Do you know what your school policy is regarding overdue, lost, or damaged materials? Unlike our local public libraries, we do not assess daily library fines. We simply hope and trust our library users will be respectful citizens and return materials on time and in excellent condition. Please check with your school library manager for the answer to these questions. We'd love your support with the school's shared materials.

K-8 Team Library

Each school library at GBSD is fortunate enough to have a library manager who not only reads stories and checks in and out books, but who is a resource for print and eBooks you need in your classroom. You may also contact Venisha Bahr, K-8 Library Coordinator, with any questions.