Paola Middle School Newsletter

April 2023

Important Dates

April 4th- Track Meet @ Home- 3:45 Field Events- 4:15 Running Events

April 4th- 7th- State Assessments 8:00- 9:45 a.m.

April 12th- Track Meet @ Wheatridge Middle School

April 14th- NO SCHOOl- Teacher Inservice

April 18th- Track Meet @ Baldwin Middle School

April 25th- Track Meet @ Pioneer Ridge Middle School

April 26th- Music Bingo- 6:00- 7:30p.m.

April 27th- Track Meet @ Wellsville

State Assessments!

Paola Middle School will be taking Kansas State Assessments from April 4th-7th from 8:00 to 9:45 every morning. We would like to ask your help by please making sure your student is well--rested, and especially in attendance on those dates/times. Thank you for your support as we rock the test!

Students get creative in Ms. Husted’s ELA class

Students in Ms. Husted’s ELA classes recently got creative with their writing. They first completed a paper airplane activity. This allowed students to make their own paper airplanes; and yes, they even got to fly them in the classroom. Then, students reviewed various parts of speech by following a specific sentence structure to describe the flight of their airplanes. The students commented that it was a really fun activity.

After the paper airplane activity, students worked on paragraphing skills to write an essay about what kind of insect they would be if they could (or had to) choose. They had to research the insect and describe (in first person) what their day would be like if they were that insect. Then, they described what advantages they would have as a human if they had some of the same abilities as that insect. The students really seemed to enjoy contemplating the life of an insect.

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World Geography

Mr. Doolittle's class is currently giving virtual world tours, literally all over the world. A top 10 wish list of places to visit was narrowed down to one. All five themes of geography are incorporated into this project, including absolute and relative location, travel itinerary, top tourist destinations, culminating with a short video demonstrating local culture. Every continent except Antarctica is represented in the form of countries, cities, and some of the world's most iconic natural and man-made landmarks. Some reasons listed for choosing these places: My mom and dad have been there; I really love tropical locations and I want to swim with the pigs; I've read about it and it looks really cool; I love the country's passion for soccer. We're discovering very quickly that this world in which we live is a very fascinating collection of so many colorful and diverse cultures--and how amazingly it all seems to fit together.

It's Mask Time in 8th Grade Art!

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Summer Sports Camps

23-24 Season Camps

Football (7th/8th)

July 10-13th


Football (5th/6th)

July 10-13th

9:30- 11:00

Non-contact, no pads or helmets.

Girls Basketball (7th/8th)

June 12th- 15th

8:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Paola Middle School

Link to Sign-up:

Volleyball (7th/8th)

July 10th - 13th

10:30 - 12:00 a.m.

Paola Middle School

Link to Sign-up:


Completing a yearbook on time can be an overwhelming and daunting task, but with the right mindset and work ethic, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience. This year, this group of 7th and 8th graders, were determined to keep the "Good Vibes" flowing to create a book that captured the positive energy and spirit of our school. With their hard work and grit they were excited with the yearbook was submitted on time and is being published as we speak. They are beyond excited to see their work in print and hope that everyone enjoys seeing the school from their eyes.


Panther Book Club met on March 29 with over 30 students in attendance after they read the dystopian fiction book, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. When asked what students thought of the book, several students said the book was suspenseful and was like a rollercoaster ride of emotions going from happy to sad.

The highlight of the meeting was having teams of students try to get through all the challenges of a digital escape room that was designed especially for the book. Students had to solve different puzzles and work together. The first team to escape were given mini notebooks as prizes.

The meeting concluded with refreshments brought by many of the students/parents.

8th grade Career Panel

A huge thank you to Renee Katzer, Joe Reif, Cam Johnson, Mellisa Kindell, Jennifer Bollinger, and Laura Wright for taking time out of their morning to come and talk with the 8th graders about their careers during a Career Panel held on March 30th.

8th Grade Reality U!

8th grade student were thrown into adulting when they traveled to the High School to participate in Reality U. While I’m their adulting simulation they were given a salary and had to “purchase” cars, housing, food, insurance, pay for childcare, decide on cell phones and internet. After the session many students said they “didn’t realize how much their parents had to do” and “it was hard to know what to purchase because you didn’t know what might come up.” Overall, they felt their parents do a lot for them. A big thank you to Mrs. Walterman at the High School for planning such a memorable educational experience and to the many community members who came to help with the morning.