The Other Half

Book By: Sarah Myers


Its been three years since it happened. An under cover agency went viral. People who where half-human or heedium protected humans. However when the humans found this out they saw them as a threat. They would try to kill off the half-humans.

Chapter 1

The bell rings so me, Emily, Abby, and a few other friends head for our lockers. We are all, except for a few, part of a secret human protection agency, S.P.A. There are many things out there that humans need to be protected from like, yes the boogie monster, he's real. Anyway, I have my suspicions about Abby's mom, Mrs. Kasey is part of Heedium Exterminator Agency, H.E.A. Before I can open my locker I hear a buzz as Mrs. Kasey comes around the corner with a hand-held scanner type thing. "This one." She says coolly pointing at Emily. Before we could do anything she was being held by a man. "Take Her Away." Mrs. Kasey says turning to leave. "Noo!' I scream as I realize what was going on. "Run." Emily Says with edge in her voice. "I'll save you. I promise." I say quiet enough for her alone to hear. She nods. I blink back tears, grab Abby, and run.

Chapter 2

The hot sun beet down on us even though we where in the forest. "Can we please rest?" Abby asks. She's human so she needed more rest than I do. "Yes." I say stopping. We'd been on the move for about two hours now. We needed to get farther away but protecting Abby was my first priority. I grab a water out of my emergency pack. "Where are we going?" She asks as I hand her the water. " To base. I'll tell them they invented a scanner of some sort and to be careful an attack might happen soon." And you can be useful or a threat is what I don't add." Sarah?" Abby says pointing at a big white van. I quickly pull us into the bushes and peek out to watch it. It slows down for a few seconds then continues driving. odd. Who where they? And what where they doing out here? Snap. I perk up. "What was that...?" Abby whispers to herself. Snap. I keep my eyes locked on the position of sound. Suddenly Shannon pops out panting. Abby and I scream so Shannon begins to scream. Then we realize who each other was. "Shannon!" I say happily surprised. "Sarah, Abby I thought it was you!" Shannon says. We hug and have a small reunion. Then Shannon pulls back giving us a serious look. "They know we're here."