Don't Annex Texas


Stay As a Republic

As a Texan, I personally think we should stay independent. Even though there are many reasons to move to the United States of America, we wouldn't even be a state. We would start off as a territory. Plus, America doesn't even want us. We should be able to hold our own. We started this republic, and I'm not going to let someone else end it. "WE THE PEOPLE!"

Pro's and Cons to Annexing

If we were to annex, the U.S would only be able to protect us to a certain point.


  1. They don't want to start a war with Mexico. They just fought a war and are recovering.
  2. Again, we would be a territory not a state! (Only for so long of course)
  3. The Northern States don't want another slave state.


  1. They would swear to protect us from Indians and Mexico
  2. They would pay off our war debts from Lamar.
  3. We would eventually be part of a nation.