Measurement Grade 7

High Park measurement scavenger hunt. Scott and Albert

Welcome to Our Field Trip Page!

Within this webpage you will find all of the necessary information which will guide your fieldtrip to High Park. Please enjoy, and explore the links below. -Scott and Albert

Learning Objective

The High Park field trip is a summative group assessment. The students must use a map to find 3 stations within the park and complete the tasks that are assigned to each. When the students arrive at each station, they will find an activity card which will outline the activity. This experience is much like a group scavenger hunt, in that the students must work together to solve the problems at each station before moving to the next. Please see the map and lesson plan below. For the PDF and file source, see the Dropbox link at the bottom of the page.
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Video of the Stations

Please watch the video explanation for each of the three stations within the park.
Video 2. Volume.

Station Activity Cards and Solutions.

The following folder contains printable versions of the station tasks and their possible solutions. Each task must be posted at each checkpoint so that the students can complete it when they arrive to each new station.