Research Writing Rewired

Presented by the IDLL Network and REMC 16

Dr. Troy Hicks presents to middle and high school teachers

In our networked world, the research writing process that we once learned has become obsolete. 3x5 cards and outlines are giving way to bibliographic management tools and mind mapping software. Moreover, students are now able to engage in the research process by reading and evaluating the work of others while simultaneously using the technology in their pockets to do their own primary research. In this workshop, we will step into a high school classroom where students generate their own inquiry questions, explore a variety of texts from novels to non-fiction, from podcasts to photographs and, through their work, rewire the research process.

Research Writing Rewired

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 8:30am-3:30pm

1819 S Wagner Rd

Ann Arbor, MI

Cost= $25

SCHECHS available

Lunch on your own

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*SCHECHs available* Cost is $35 Lunch is not provided.