Marvelous Mysteries of the Dark

Learn about the mysteries of the universe!


Have you ever wondered about black holes, dark matter, or dark energy? Have you ever wondered where they come from or what they do? Well, scientists are still researching and finding facts about these mysteries with new technology and machines. For example, one fact is that black holes can suck up a whole solar system in "one GULP." Also, there is such a thing as an invisible matter. Additionally, the universe is actually accelerating! Read on to find more mind-blowing facts about these mysteries!

Black Holes

We all know that black holes suck things up right? We all know that (In my opinion) black holes are just about the scariest things in space. Well I don't think many people knew that they rip things apart when they suck things in! Black holes will eventually evaporate after a SUPER long time! That's a relief. Black holes are found in two sizes: super large, and small. Neither black holes nor dark matter interact with light. A black hole is really just a dead star with gravitational pull. The largest black hole has more mass than our sun. There is actually a point in a black hole where absolutely nothing can escape it, not even light!
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Dark Matter

Have you ever heard of something in space that is 5 times heavier than every other known thing put together? This "something in space" is called dark matter. Right now you're probably thinking, "Well, what is this 'dark matter' stuff?" Dark matter is a very heavy invisible substance that keeps every object in space from shooting across the universe. It also bonds galaxies together. Did you know that combined, dark matter, and dark energy (Spoiler alert- which you'll learn about next) make up 96% of our universe?
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Dark Energy

What if I told you that the universe is accelerating? Would you believe me? Well after reading this, you will! Scientists have proved that the universe really is accelerating. but, in order to for the universe to be accelerating, there has to be a force, and in order for there to be a force, there needs to be an energy. Since we don't know what that force is, therefore we call it "dark energy." Did you know that dark energy is one of the dominant substances? It makes up three quarters of the universe! Dark energy was discovered in the 20th century. It was found using a very powerful telescope. At that time, there was no mechanism to explain how the universe is accelerating. Scientists don't know much about dark energy, but we are dedicated to learning more.


In conclusion, outer space really is the most interesting place (again, in my opinion). It is a place where black holes lurk among the darkness, and stars shine in the galaxies. We don't really know too much about outer space, but who knows what we will discover over the years!
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Alexandra C

Fourth Grade Student


accelerate: to increase in amount.

dominant: the noun makes up most of something.

evaporate: to "fade a way" or to stop existing.

gravitation: the force of attraction between any two masses.

mechanism: technique, or way.