CTI Stakeholder Advisory Group

Focus Group Interview

Please join us for an opportunity to influence the future of Induction in our region!

We invite you to share your experience and offer feedback about our new CTI Induction Program. A short survey will be sent to all who RSVP in advance of our group interviews. Light refreshments will be served.

CTI Stakeholder Focus Group Interview

Tuesday, March 24th, 4:30-6pm

3958 12th Street

Riverside, CA

We have selected a small group of program participants that we believe will be able to provide insight about their experience so that we may improve our program. If you have a colleague you'd like to invite, you are welcome to do so, just please include them in your RSVP with their email information. Please RSVP by March 23! Thank you in advance!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.