Kagan Cooperative Learning

A District 68 Internal University: Summer 2016

“Kagan Cooperative Learning: It’s All About Engagement”

As part of the Academic Transformation Plan, we will be offering “Kagan Cooperative Learning: It’s All About Engagement.” As a precursor to that training, I would like to take just a few moments to provide a brief rationale for the training, offer a summary of topics that will be explored, and share our plans for follow-up support.

First, I am excited that we have scheduled a training that focuses on student engagement. This training will provide us with additional tools to meet the Academic Transformation Plan goals. We are working very hard to ensure success for all of our students. This training opportunity will provide attendees learning strategies that will enable them to continue what they are doing with even greater effectiveness.

Second, the focal point of the training will be on differentiating between group work and cooperative learning. Knowing the difference is critical if we are going to engage all children in learning and impact student achievement. There is no research to support group work; we have decades of empirical studies which support cooperative learning.

By the end of this workshop attendees will have a clear understanding of how these two activities differ. In addition, they will be taught how to form heterogeneous teams in their classroom. Staff will also be introduced to key concepts in each of the following areas: brain research, relationship building, and classroom management.

Finally, I want all to know that we want to do everything we can to support attendees after the training. We will be providing follow-up classroom coaching. I will be reviewing specifics with attendees at a later date. Principals will also be reviewing the training content in subsequent faculty meetings, discussing implementation efforts during grade level (or department) meetings, and providing written reminders of critical information. All of this is being done as a way to support staff as they strive to engage all students.

Kagan Cooperative Learning Days 1 & 2

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd, 8:30am to Thursday, Aug. 4th, 3:30pm

Jefferson Jr High School, Woodridge, IL, United States

Woodridge, IL

What are the dates of the course?

  • August 3 & 4
  • 8:30-3:30 each day

What is the cost for those who want to attend?

  • $110 per person if choosing Internal University credit
  • Free for those not taking Internal University credit.

How many Internal University credits will I receive for attending this course?

  • 1 Internal University credits will be presented to all who successfully complete the two days of training and required 3 hours of extension activities.

Can I get paid an hourly rate if I want to attend but don't want Internal University credit?

  • Staff choosing not to receive Internal University credit will be paid $14 per hour for each of the 13 hours of class attendance.

How many CPDUs will I receive?

  • 16 hours if choosing to take for Internal University
  • 13 hours of CPDUs for those being paid to attend.

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Office of Teaching and Learning

Greg Wolcott

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

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