The Wonderful Whales

*******Miss Vananzo's Terrific Team Feb. 12 *******

News from Room 25.

Swimming Through a Great Week!

In reading/spelling we...

  • continued to work on the bossy "r" sound: or, ore, oar and ar. We reviewed these sounds with several online activities. This week we will work with the sounds of: eer,ear and ere.
  • identified the beginning middle and ending events of a story
  • are in the process of completing a poster to identify the information we learned through text and photographs/captions of a non-fiction text
  • continue to work on adding endings such as "ed" and "ing" to verbs and identifying the changes that need to be made such as: ride/riding, spin/spinning, jog/jogged, and study/studied
  • proofread sentences to identify errors with capitals, punctuation and spelling

In math we:

  • opened an activity title: Math Splat to practice 100 hundred chart skills: splat the number 20 more than 60, splat the number 3 less than 34, etc...
  • reviewed the values of coins and played a game titled: "Count to 50 cents or "Count to $1.00."
  • continued to apply place value knowledge to identify tens and ones and use this knowledge to solve story problems.

Ocean of Events

  • School Store Thursdays - 2nd & 3rd grade
  • Feb. 17: Movie Night at Jacksonville: Rio 2: Snow Date: Feb. 24
  • Feb. 24: Beans & Bread brown bag breakfast collection; Ticket orders for March 18 Seussical the Musical
  • Feb. 26: Papa John's PIzza Day for PTA
  • March 10: Mr. Anderson’s last visit of the year: presentation on reptiles
  • March 10-11: PTA: Welcomes 2016-17 Kindergarten Registrants
  • March 11-13: Five Below donates 10% of our purchases to JES PTA
  • March 18, 7:30: JES PTA Spirit Night at Seussical the Musical by Charm City Players at Mercy High School
  • April 11-15: Jacksonville’s Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Feb. 19: 9:30 am: Planning Mtg. for JES Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week: (Room 14)

Catch of the Week

  • I have a feeling we will not be going outside for quite some time. So.. indoor recess it is. If you have any board games we could borrow, this would be great. Also, many of the students love arts and craft items. I have a bin of construction paper, some stickers, stamps and stamp pads...etc...If you have anything you could add to our art items, this would be great.
  • Please be sure to send a note upon your child's return from an absence. I have to digitally record this information.
  • Thank you for your help and support with your child's homework. If you are having any problems with your child completing their assignments, please let me know. Thanks
  • We have been very fortunate to have had many presentations by Mr.Anderson from the Snyder Foundation. There has been no cost for these fabulous presentations. There is only one request, that donations be made to an animal shelter. Later this week, a flyer will be sent home to tell you more about this activity.

It's a Whale of a Word

Our word of the week is:

Encourage (verb)

Definition: give someone courage or hope

Sentence: Jill didn't think she could finish the race, but her coach encouraged her and she made it!

**If your Whale brings the word of the week into class written on a piece of paper and tell how they encouraged someone, they will receive 2 "I Caught You" coupons.

Sea Star of the Week: Davis

Here are a few of his favorites:

Places to go: Florida and Disney World

Books: Mystery and Comic Books

Movie: Star Wars and Jurassic Park

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Play Baseball, Soccer and Swim

Foods: Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Popcorn and Popcorn Shrimp

Like to Do at School: Read and Learn

Favorite Subjects: Math, Science and Reading

Our Symbaloo

There are several new tiles added to our Symbaloo. The tile titled: Spelling Practice is a great way for your Whale to practice the spelling of high frequency words.

For Pebblego username: pebblego password: bcps

Tumble Books username: bcps password: tumble

Brain Pop Jr. Math Videos