Labor Movement/Unions

by Nick Chaney

Kinds of labor

  • Labor is when people work for society and make a living off what they do
  • Labor union is defined as a organization of people for economic ends
  • Totalitarian union found in the former Soviet Union
  • The bureaucratic is located in Latten america and in foreign country's

  • Free union was found in Europe and etc..

  • Today organized labor is still a powerful economic resource

Info about the protest

  • Different structures of labor unions
  • Craft union appeared with the decline of the guild system
  • Work was assisted by natural forms of energy ex: waterwheel
  • Craft union was formed in England and reached america by 18th-century
  • Members form a community because they all share the same work
  • General union is an ambivalent structure in 19th-century

Effects of protest

  • Labor movement: efforts of workers in a group to increase economic position
  • Bringing wage earners into a union
  • Before devolvement of unions people had no voice in what they make for money

  • People started paying attention to the labor movement more in 1930
  • In 1945, more than a third all nonagricultural laborers were union members
  • Labor movement, along with economic progress, has given workers a higher standard of living

How they deminstrated their belief

  • The chiefs aim for increase of pay, hours and working conditions
  • Members are elected to attend state conference's
  • Took political action after the defeat in 1890
  • Attempted to help welfare and homeless get wages
  • Workers have got better working conditions after labor movement
  • 1932 an employee could not be sued federal court for breaking yellow-dog contract
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