Sra. Barham's Weekly Update

December 15-19

Week 17

Hello all!

Tomorrow begins Week 17 of our semester, and Unit 4 Lesson 4 in the course. This is also the last week before the holiday break. While students may still access and work in the course, we are technically on vacation from December 20th until January 5th. I will continue to check email regularly, and will set aside time to grade assignments at least a couple of times while we are "away".

One very important thing to note is that when we come back we will be entering the final week of the grading period. All work for weeks 10-18 will need to be completed by January 9th in order to be included in the 2nd 9 weeks grade. (Many students have been taking advantage of the one week grace period on due dates, but they will need to complete all week 18 work on time in order to be included in the grade for this term.)

Also, please remember that all Unit 4 Lesson 3 assignments will be permanently closed this Friday, December 19th.

I wish you all a very happy holiday! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Sra. Barham

This Week's Assignments

**Unidad 4 - Required Live Class (during Weeks 15 - 18)

Unidad 4 Lección 4

  • Práctica de Vocabulario
  • Actividades de Vocabulario
  • Prueba de Vocabulario
  • Práctica de Gramática
  • Escuchar

Unidad 4 Required Live Classes

There are no additional Unidad 4 RLCs scheduled.